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People Aren’t That Concerned About Government Surveillance, Even Post Snowden

Pew has just published a new report on Americans and how they protect their privacy in the post-Edward Snowden era. Long story short – most don’t do much of anything to even attempt to keep out the prying government eyes. Most people have heard at least something about Edward Snowden’s leaks, and the massive government surveillance programs he exposed to …

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Video Surveillance Market Continues to Expand

With the numerous disclosures from former NSA employee Edward Snowden that were released in 2013, a new light has been shined on a shadowy world of information gathering and government surveillance. While world governments scramble to appease their citizens and other government leaders, it seems that the security industry will simply keep running business as usual. Market research firm IHS …

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FBI Is Hoping To Wiretap Internet Services – Should It Be Allowed?

As technologies have advanced, they have dramatically changed the way that we live and interact. We, as consumers, have become accustomed to the convenience, capabilities, and even the entertainment that they provide. But, should these same advantages be applied to other areas such as law enforcement? This topic has recently come up for debate after the FBI indicated that it …

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