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Democrats Letting Net Neutrality Die
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Here was what was supposed to happen: With telco-friendly Republican Congress members swept out of the way, Democrats would usher in legislation enshrining Network Neutrality principles and give the FCC the power to enforce them.

Here’s what happened (is happening) instead: The most powerful Net Neutrality supporters (Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton) are kicked upstairs while cable-and-Hollywood-friendly Democrats are killing Network Neutrality legislation in committees.

EFF Reminds AT&T What It Said The First Time

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has sent a reminder to AT&T (and the rest of us) that at one time the company resisted government pressure to spy on US citizens, and even publicized it.

New AT&T Same As The Old AT&T
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AT&T chief Ed Whitacre is out, retired, ready to sit back and enjoy his golden (and I mean golden) years. As of yesterday, he’s replaced by SBC front-man Randall Stephenson, a 25-year company man, and a man after Whitacre’s own heart.

YouTube Gives Straight Dope On Big Pharma

Add Big Pharma to the list of corporate magistrates that will faithfully and gradually raise consumer ire – that list already including Congress, Big Oil, telecoms, cable, tobacco, and media – as "the people," i.e., the organic proletariat that operates outside of the boardroom, subvert the previously impenetrable by taking their complaints to YouTube.

YouTube Gives Straight Dope On Big Pharma
“YouTube Gives Straight Dope On Big Pharma”
YouTube Gives Straight Dope On Big Pharma