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UK Launches Initiative To Keep Children Safe Online

Officials in the UK have announced plans to require children beginning at age 5 to be taught about online safety starting in 2011.

The new initiative called "Click Clever Click Safe" was created by the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS).

Gordon Brown: Twitter Might Prevent Genocide
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Twitter’s gotten a lot of positive mentions lately due to the role it’s played in Iran; protesters have used the service to spread information that might have otherwise been days or weeks in coming.  However, Gordon Brown, the UK’s prime minister, took things much further today, apparently crediting Twitter with the power to prevent genocide.

Gordon Brown Using YouTube For Question Time
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British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is using the Downing Street YouTube channel to answers questions from British citizens.

The new initiative called "Ask the PM" will be a regular event according to the prime minister. Participation is limited to UK residents only. Users can submit video questions on any subject and Brown will respond to the questions that receive the most votes at the end of June.

Gordon Brown Asks Google, Others To Assist Poor

All things being equal, who would you ask for money: the insanely rich or the average citizen?  Most people would go to the first group, and in doing so, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has knocked at Google’s door.