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Netflix Is About To Get More Goosebumps

Back in August, Netflix announced the addition of all episodes of Goosebumps to its streaming catalog. That’s 74 episodes. Today, we learn that Netflix is going to be getting even more Goosebumps next week. On Tuesday (10/15), Neflix will get a handful of Goosebumps specials: Goosebumps: Specials: A Night in Terror Tower Suspense reigns supreme in this pair of chilling …

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Netflix Now Has Every Single Episode of Goosebumps and The Magic School Bus

Netflix is capitalizing on the back-to-school craze by adding some titles that bring back memories of grade school, especially book fairs. Well, at least for me. Ah, nostalgia. Starting today, you will be able to stream all 74 episodes of Goosebumps, the TV series based on R.L. Stine’s classic kids books. And if you tend to lean toward more educational …

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The Chilling World of Goosebumps and Frisson [VIDEO]

We know why we get goosebumps – scientifically speaking. But there are a lot of different external causes for our internal response. Everyone has experienced goosebumps from being cold, for instance. And most of us have experienced another oddly-enjoyable sensation associated with the response: Frisson. Or, those chills you get when you’re listening to a music. Is it because the …

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