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Has Google Created A Monster?

The Google vs. MSN Rock Em Sock Em fight provides an interesting juxtaposition. In an outcome that seems surreal, like when Tyson took a bite out of Holyfield, Google has taken so much out of Microsoft in the online arena that folks are starting to wonder if it’s a fair fight.

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Genericide Watch: Is Google At Risk?

It’s much too late, if those in charge of protecting Google’s brand are honest, to extract “to google” from the English language (a googlectomy?). But perhaps Google has conquered the feared genericide of its trademark, emerging as the literary god-man hero among Kleenex boxes, Rollerblades and Xerox machines.

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Building The Googtopia Out Of Legos

The beauty of being a young idealist billionaire is that you can set up a little world exactly the way you like it. The exception, perhaps, is that everybody’s horning in on your private life-but who isn’t fascinated by quirky weirdness of the Googleplex bricklayers? Even sweeter for the dynamic duo, they can afford to be weird-and heroic.

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