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New Internet Board Game- Googolopoly!

We have all played ‘Monopoly’ the game, as we grew up and still on weekends or on family picnics or getaways, Monopoly is one of the preferred games. However, Monopoly’s ‘monopoly’ is about to end. Google has introduced an all new Googolopoly Game.

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Googolopoly: New Internet Board Game

If you loved the board game Monopoloy, then you’re really going to get a kick out of’s new Internet board game: Googolopoly. Instead of purchasing property, in Googolopoly you buy shares in companies like Double Clikc, SalesForce, News Corp, Urchin, Ebay and Paypal. Remember the 4 railroads? Well they are now various Google platforms like developer, social, mobile and desktop. Below is screenshot of the boardgame (click image for larger view):

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