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Love Letters from Googlebot

In a mildly weird fashion, Google answered some questions regarding HTTP status codes and "if-modified-since" from users who were either made up or had their names changed to protect their anonymity. Names like Little Jimmy, Temp O’Rary, Janet Crinklenose, and Frankie O’Fore (my apologies to any Janet Crinklenoses who may be out there, but I think I’m safe in my assumption that the name is fictitious).

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Google Provides Valuable Information On Webserving Techniques

At the Google Webmaster Central Blog, Google has released some valuable information about webserving techniques, especially related to Googlebot.

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Googlebot Gets Candid

Googlebot is like a dream which knows us all , , and soul. Here in this interview, Maile Ohye as the website and Jeremy Lilley as the Googlebot from Google Central Webmaster blog would answer all those questions that you ever had.

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Googlebot: ACK

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