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When Was the Last Time You Saw the Googlebot?

The Google crew cleared up a bit about how the Googlebot caches webpages. The date at the cached page reflects the last time the page was modified.

Quoth The Googlebot, “304!”

The latest news from Google Webmaster Central disclosed how the search engine’s spider saves a webmaster from unnecessary bandwidth costs.

Matt Cutts Reins In Googlebot

Ahead of Search Engine Strategies 2006 conference in San Jose, Google’s best-known engineer suggested some basic approaches to making a visiting Googlebot behave when it drops by your website.

Google Sitemaps Wants Your URLs
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Vanessa Fox, a technical writer for Google’s Sitemaps product, thinks you should be using Sitemaps with your site today. Here’s why.

GoogleBot the “Spider of Doom”

A funny story is circulating in tech circles about how Googlebot inadvertently destroyed the database of a content management system (CMS) based site that took months of work to build.

Wanna Chat With Googlebot?

Googlebot loves surfing the web. He follows from link to link, discovering new pages along the way and adding them to Google’s index.

Playing in Googlebot’s Sandbox with Slurp, Teoma & MSNbot Spiders Display Distinctly Differing Personalities

There has been endless webmaster speculation and worry about the so-called “Google Sandbox” – the indexing time delay for new domain names – rumored to last for at least 45 days from the date of first “discovery” by Googlebot. This recognized listing delay came to be called the “Google Sandbox effect.”

The Googlebot Assault Continues

Now that the long-awaited PR update has come and gone, there are reports of the Google’s indexing spider continuing to perform comprehensive site scans. Recently, WebProNews ran an article discussing these types of scans and the majority of the speculation pointed towards the upcoming PR update. Now that this quarter’s update is complete, why is the Googlebot continuing to bombard sites?

Algo Update? Don’t Panic

There has been a great deal of speculation about a shift coming in Google’s ranking algorithms over the past few weeks.

Tracking Google and Googlebot Using PHP
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No one alive can deny the force of Google and how powerful it has become in the Web design and Web hosting business. Many people work for hours and hours, days and days to make sure the Web site they have is ready for Google and it’s Googlebot whenever it might come for a visit.

Sites Abandoned by Googlebot

As a search engine optimization specialist I often optimize existing web pages for small business clients, upload them to the site and see pages re-indexed by Google within a week.

GoogleBot Heralding Blog Search?
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GoogleBot’s been requesting non-existant files from root directories lately, leading some to suspect that Google’s planning a blog search addition to their results, possibly even a new link above the search box.