Googlebombing Articles

Google Admits Googlebombing Problems

Google claimed back in January that the Googlebomb was no longer a concern, however, today on the Official Google Blog, Marissa Mayer noted:

Google Bombing Will Continue?
Marissa Mayer, Google’s sharp-talking Director of Consumer Web Products posts an article called “Googlebombing ‘failure‘” in the Official Google Blog

Saboteurs Pose Threat To Business Sites

Many businesses run blogs, and even if they haven’t taken this step, most companies at least have websites. These can be powerful tools, acting as information centers and advertising platforms. But in the online world, saboteurs can be equally influential by setting up “protest sites” or dropping links to your URL in some unsavory places.

Google Passes 2005 In Blog Style

The official Google blog has been the search advertising company’s way of discussing its business moves and other actions over the course of the previous year.

FoxNews Discovers Googlebombing

One big network arrives just a teensy bit late to the search engine party as it discovers odd links to “failure.”

Googlebombing Of Jew Keyword Continues
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As reported here yesterday, April 15, 2004, the fight to knock JewWatch.com out of first position for the keyword search of “Jew” is picking up.