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Report: Google To Snap Up DocVerse

So much for the idea of December being a quiet month.  First we witnessed the acquisition of AppJet, and now, a new report’s indicated that Google’s more or less sure to buy a company called DocVerse.

The two deals are taking place in the same space, since, like AppJet, DocVerse is focused on allowing people to collaborate on documents in real-time.  The trick is that, while AppJet has its own software (EtherPad), DocVerse would provide Google more of a link to existing Microsoft products.

Google Wave Gets a Feature for “Following”

Google has added a "follow" feature to Google Wave. The feature is designed to let users stay up to date on public waves of interest. In other words, if there are waves out there that are available to everybody, and you want to follow it, simply click the follow button for that particular wave.

Google Wave Simplified: How it Basically Works
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As you may know, Google has been sending out Google Wave invitations for a little while now. Many people are still finding these hard to come by, but others have been lucky enough to be selected and get their hands dirty.

Those who have been granted access to Google Wave have the ability to nominate people for invitation, but not directly invite people themselves. So in other words, you’re not getting in unless Google wants you to. They have to approve your nomination.

Will Google Wave Shape the Future of Online Communication?
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To be clear, I don’t consider myself an expert on Google Wave by any stretch of the imagination, but based on what I have learned about it, these are my responses to frequently asked Google Wave questions. These are just my opinions.

We’d love to hear your opinions about Google Wave. Share them here.

Will Google Wave replace email?

Novell Tries To Ride On Google Wave

When Google Wave was first released, it impressed a lot of people from a technical standpoint.  The trouble was, no one could figure out a practical use for it.  Now, Novell has decided to take a shot, announcing a service known as Pulse.

Is Google Wave Getting An App Store?

The rollout for Google Wave seems to be going a bit slower than anyone would like, but this hasn’t stopped Google from discussing its plans for the future. During the Google Wave GTUG (Google Technology User Group) meeting in London the company the company released one interesting detail that has the web buzzing.

Google Wave Invitations Roll Out
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Update: It has been discovered that someone is selling an invite on eBay, with the price steadily rising (over five grand right now). I would be surprised if this doesn’t get shut down, and there’s no telling how many bids on here are legitimate anyway.

Google Makes Sure Wave Can Run Properly on IE
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Google released an early version of the Google Chrome Frame today. This is a plug-in for Internet Explorer, which lets the browser use HTML5 and…Google Wave (starting next week when the product’s preview is extended).

Google Releases Instant Messaging API
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Google has announced the release of a new API for building Talk bots on top of Google App Engine, Google’s product that lets developers create and host web apps on the Google infrastructure.

Google Wave To Splash Down This Fall
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There’s fresh word this afternoon about when (and to whom) Google Wave will become available.  Schools and businesses that use Google Apps appear to be first in a line that should start moving this fall.

Get More Acquainted with Google Wave
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Last month, an event was hosted by the Google Wave team called Google Wave Federation Day, which was described as an inaugural event for people looking to get involved by providing their own wave services.

At the event, Google discussed the protocol and system architecture behind Google Wave, and talked about how they need to get lots of developers working on it, because it is such a huge vision. That vision is for there to be many Google Wave providers, because as Google says, it won’t be complete without non-Google Google Wave providers.

Integration – The Key to Google as a Social Network
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Google has or is working on pretty much all of the main ingredients for a really great social network. The problem (in my opinion) is that they are scattered and not integrated as well as they could be. Do you particiapte in any of Google’s social projects? Tell us which ones.


Google Introduces A New Way to Collaborate
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Update: Google has shared a video demonstrating Google Wave: