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Google Testing Drive-by Video Ads

As online video has evolved, the question of how to advertise and when to advertise has been burning. There are no experts in this realm, only testers, debating about post-roll or pre-roll ads, layered content, and how long an online video viewer would view a commercial. Google is latest to try it out, and they may have a winner.

NFL Drops The Ball With Online Video

Online video as a social marketing mechanism has hit full stride with the pervasive popularity of video-sharing site, YouTube. Network television and various record labels have begun to embrace the platform as a new and untapped advertising resource. The presence of major sports entities, however, remains fragmented.

Google Sued By French Film House

Flach Film, a Paris-based film distributor, has filed suit against Google in Paris Commercial court, citing copyright infringement regarding a movie that appeared on Google Video.

Google Video Link Swap Spikes Video Traffic

If you follow this industry long enough, you know the slightest alteration of any Google offering, from holiday logos to something between Sergey’s teeth, gets extensive coverage in the blogosphere. Google swapping out the Froogle link on its homepage for Video was another snoozer.

New Google Video Page Layout

Google is testing out a new page layout on Google Video, and a simple bit of text lets you try it out, too.

Google Strikes Deal With MTV

Google wants its MTV and has tapped Viacom to team-test a video distribution model intended for use by consumers, web publishers and advertisers. Under the deal, Google will distribute ad-supported content from MTV Networks.

Google Video Gets All You-Tubey
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Google added a host of features to its almost popular Google Video site. Following Web-video phenom You Tube’s lead, Google Video gets user ratings, tags, and comments.

Google Video Catching Up With Features

Users of Google Video now have a few new options available that allow the viewer to rate the videos they see, label them with relevant tags, and leave behind comments for the world to see.

Video Ads Meet Google Video

A selection of content on Google Video has been made available for free as advertisers have signed on to support those videos. “Free video made possible by www.bk.com,” reads the text above the Google Video replay of the Hatton-Maussa fight from last November.

Multiply Removes Video, Image Limits

Members of the Multiply social networking platform will be able to post for free an unlimited number of photos or videos to their places on the site.

Google Video Breaks Up, Drinks Beer

In a flurry of cross promotional efforts flying past your head faster than your ex-girlfriend’s spiked pump, Google has retooled Google Video to be more YouTube style, has solicited user breakup videos to honor “National Breakup Day” sponsored by Budweiser and is co-presented by Universal Picture’s The Break-Up.

Google Video Kills Autoplay

Google Video has turned off automatic continuous playback, responding to complaints from customers, including my own rabbi/lesbian example.

Rabbi/Lesbian Mashup De-Fault Of Google

When you think of Rabbis, lesbians and glow-in-the-dark condoms probably don’t follow in the stream of consciousness. On Google Video, though, they are somehow linked and may cause some head scratching embarrassment if you leave it on Continuous Playback.

Google Drops Video Into RSS Feeds
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An alpha test of using RSS to deliver results from Google Video quietly began with a post to its newsgroup last week.

Interest In Online TV Grows

An increasing number of Internet users are showing interest in viewing television content online. One research firm believes IPTV potential “solid.” It also showed that Google needs to work on its sales pitches and that Yahoo! users are hipper.