Google TV Ads Articles

Google TV Ads Scores CNBC Deal
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Google TV Ads has, to be honest, seemed doomed for some time now; a precedent was set when Google Audio Ads and Google Print Ads were shut down earlier this year.  But a new advertising deal with CNBC may prove to be both a saving grace and key to future growth.

Google TV Ads Adapts To DVRs

People take their television seriously; even in very poor neighborhoods, you’ll find all sorts of satellite dishes and cable connections representing folks who don’t want to miss shows.  And since more and more people are using DVRs, too, Google TV Ads has started taking the devices into account.

Google Now Lets You Easily Create Your Own TV Commercials
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Google has partnered with SpotMixer to launch a self-service video ad creation solution within the Google TV Ads platform. This is a very cool concept that should be huge for small businesses with tight advertising budgets. Basically, you create a ready-for-television commercial all on your own.

Google Opens Advertisers Up to Walker Texas Ranger
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Google TV Ads opens up AdWords user accounts to real television advertising opportunities, and the list of channels available through this program continues to grow. So far Google already had six networks from NBC Universal including Sci Fi, Oxygen, MSNBC, CNBC, Sleuth, and Chiller, as well as  Bloomberg Television and 96 networks through DISH Network.

Google Makes TV Advertising More Attractive
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Google announced a new enhancement today to the program targeting feature in AdWords for Google TV Ads. The feature now allows you to enter a keyword into the TV programs search field on the Target Campaign screen, and it will bring up suggested shows that are relevant to your keywords.

Google Launches Traditional Media Blog
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A lot of people don’t participate in Google’s TV, newspaper, and radio advertising programs.  Others aren’t even aware they exist.  So Google has launched a new traditional media blog with the aim of changing both these conditions.