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Google Apps Gets Admin Reports, New Sites Features

Google announced (separately) a handful of noteworthy updates to Google Apps. First off, the company introduced a new Reports section to the Admin console aimed at making it easier for admins to manage Google Apps and gain insights. The feature includes a Highlights Page, which gives an overview of all the activity across your domain. It shows how many Hangouts, …

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Google Sites Users Will Soon No Longer Be Able To Modify AdSense Code

This story has been updated. Please see update at the end. Google announced on a support page that it is sunsetting AdSense for Google Sites. At the end of next month, support will be cut off. On a page called “Sunsetting Adsense,” Google says: Some important changes are coming to AdSense on Google Sites. By August 30, 2013, it will …

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New Admin Features Launched For Google Apps

Google announced today that Google Apps admins can now support the needs of different user groups in their business or organization with new email settings. “Google Apps delivers a stream of innovation that brings new features to end users,” writes product manager Adam Dawes on the Google Enterprise blog. “That same innovation also applies to our Apps administrators. In the …

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Google Continues to Improve Accessibility

Earlier this week, we looked at some improvements Google made to its Hangouts feature in Google+, specifically in terms of accessibility and sign language. They improved video quality and made it so it’s easier to see signing. Google has also been working on some other accessibility-related features for Google Docs and Google Calendar. “This fall, as classrooms fill with the …

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Google Cloud Picker Feature Discovered Prematurely

It has been revealed that Google is testing something called "Google Cloud Picker". It’s apparently not something we’re supposed to know about yet. 

According to those who spotted it, it appeared when they tried to insert files and images into Google Sites and Blogger. A screenshot is now making the rounds, showing that it is tied to Picasa, Maps, Google Docs, and YouTube. 

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Google Sites Users Can Now Integrate Google Moderator

Google has added the ability for Google Sites users to use Google Moderator.

"For example, if you have a restaurant site, you can embed Google Moderator on your suggestions page to get input from your restaurant patrons," explains Google Software Engineering Intern Eric Hysen.

Google provides steps for how to implement this here.

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