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Q&A – Google Sitemaps and Frames

Dear Kalena…

I have two sites; One www.alpine-property.com is top of Google rankings for all my chosen keywords, it has no frames, daily updated content and lots of inbound links, so not surprising.

Google Sitemaps For the XML Challenged

Google recently announced a change to their “Sitemaps” program. It went from a protocol meant for Python programmers and XML wizards to a much kinder, gentler (and friendlier to webmasters) program to help get all of your pages crawled and indexed. It’s called “Google Webmaster Central”.

Google: You Can Say No To ODP

Some website owners would prefer the snippet accompanying their organic listing in Google search to not come from the Open Directory Project.

Google Gives a Few Webmaster Pointers

Google published an array of tips and tools to help webmasters better analyze their web offerings. In addition to a Sitemaps update that creates a more robust view of 404 errors, Google Analytics reminds the ROI-minded of how to compare AdWords clicks to organic and direct links.

SEO With Google Sitemaps
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A Google Sitemap is a very simple XML document that lists all the pages in your website, but the Google Sitemaps program is actually much more important than that.

Google Sitemaps Wants Your URLs
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Vanessa Fox, a technical writer for Google’s Sitemaps product, thinks you should be using Sitemaps with your site today. Here’s why.