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Google Is Shutting Down The Google Shopper App

Google announced on Friday that it is shutting down the Google Shopper app, which lets users look up product specs and reviews and comparison shop on their phones while looking at products in stores. This should make some store owners happy (though it will hardly solve their problems). The product was launched in 2013, and was even being updated as …

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Google Shopper For Android, iOS Gets New Search Refinements

The Google Shopper app for Android and iOS just got a new update with version 3.2, which adds some new search refinement options to make shopping easier. “Need a new camera, but aren’t quite sure which one is right for you? Google Shopper 3.2 allows you to see the most popular cameras on Google Shopping via a specialized result page,” …

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Google Shopper Gets An Update On iOS And Android

Google Shopper (not to be confused with Google Shopping) just received an update. Google launched version 3.0 for Android and iOS. The app was first launched for Android in 2010, and eventually made its way to the iPhone about a year later. Here’s the original promo video: The app now has a redesigned home screen with a bigger search box. …

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Google Shopper For iPhone Released

iPhone owners now have another option when it comes to apps that can help them save money.  Almost exactly a year after it became available to Android users, a version of Google Shopper for the iPhone has launched.

Obviously, Google’s a little late to this game on the iOS platform, and the new version of Google Shopper doesn’t offer any fresh, groundbreaking features.  But the app is free, and its functionality is hard to dispute.

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Google Shopper Android App Launches

Android phone owners should now be able to become smarter consumers.  A free app called Google Shopper has been released, and with it, users are supposed to find it easier than ever to look up product specs, check out reviews, and compare prices.

Google Shopper doesn’t quite represent some breakthrough.  Instead, it combines the image recognition abilities offered by Google Goggles with the barcode-scanning feature Google Product Search for mobile introduced in May.  Plus some voice recognition tech that’s been in development for even longer.

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