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Google Publisher Toolbar Adds New Analytics Integration

Google announced the launch of new Google Analytics integration into the Google Publisher Toolbar. This will enable AdSense publishers to easily access insights right from their site pages, like so: Google Analytics is now integrated by default, so you don’t have to do anything special to turn the functionality on. “In addition to giving you blocking controls and up-to-date information …

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Google Publisher Toolbar Gets An Update

Google has launched a redesigned version of the Google Publisher Bar, the Chrome extension it launched last year for AdSense earnings and performance updates. “The Google Publisher Toolbar will continue to include the same popular functionality as before in addition to a new feedback mechanism and blocking capabilities,” says AdSense product manager Fiona Herring. The new toolbar features pop-up account …

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New Google Publisher Toolbar Allows You to Block Ads

At the beginning of the year, Google introduced the AdSense Publisher Toolbar to help us monitor account performance. Recently, they changed the name to the Google Publisher Toolbar. On top of now being able to support DoubleClick for Publishers, they have added a new feature which allows us to block ads while we view our site. If you see an …

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