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Google Adds Print Ads to the Scrap Heap
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After shutting down several services last week, Google is now adding another one to the scrap heap. The company announced that it is closing the doors on Google Print Ads.

Google Launches Traditional Media Blog
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A lot of people don’t participate in Google’s TV, newspaper, and radio advertising programs.  Others aren’t even aware they exist.  So Google has launched a new traditional media blog with the aim of changing both these conditions.

Google Negotiating with Newspaper Publishers

Google already commands the market of Internet advertising, but now the search giant’s appetite seems to be getting bigger by the day. Google’s holding negotiations with several newspaper publishers and cooking up a deal to allow its online advertisers to purchase print space in the newspapers.

This move has been a cause for anxiety for many competing media companies such as ITV, who’s chairman Michael Grade has been lobbying to reign in the big giant.

Journal Register Co. Partners With Google

The New Haven Register, which Journal Register Company describes as its “flagship newspaper,” entered a print ad partnership with Google earlier today. And as the parent company stated, the New Haven Register is joining “more than 50 major newspapers across the U.S. that are currently participating in the Google program.”

Google Print Ads A Failure

Lots of articles recently about how Google’s print advertising program, where the Goog buys up ad space in magazines and parcels out portions of it to high bidders, didn’t attract the interest Google was hoping for.