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Android Game Developers Now Have A Few New Tools To Work With

Over the last few years, Android has proven to be quite the versatile gaming platform. Not only are people playing games on smartphone and tablets, but Android games can also be found on TVs thanks to micro-consoles like the Ouya and MOJO. Now Google is readying some new tools to help Android game developers make the player experience even better. …

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Still Playing Games On Google+? You Have Until June 30 To Clear Out

Does anybody still play games on Google+? If you do, Google’s got some bad news. Google announced at Google I/O that it’s shutting down Google+ Games on June 30. Now, it doesn’t mean that the games on Google+ will cease to exist. They’ll just cease to exist on Google+. As such, Google recommends that players get in touch with the …

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Google Play Game Services

During today’s Google I/O keynote, the company announced Google Play game services – a series of APIs that help developers add more features and value to their Android and iOS games. Much like Apple’s Game Center or Xbox Live, Google Play game services adds a number of features to Android or iOS games that users expect, and developers have been …

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