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Google Map Maker Reopens, Tries to Prevent Pissing Androids

After a series of questionable (but kind of funny) edits, Google shut down its map editing tool Map Maker in May while it “made the moderation system more robust.” Today, Google is announced that it will reopen Map Maker in early August, with a new focus on community moderation. “Map Maker will be reopened for editing in early August, and …

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Google Map Maker Heads To The UK

Google announced the launch of Google Map Maker in the UK, kicking it off with a MapUp workshop in Bletchley Park. Program Manager Satish Mavuri writes in a post on the Google Maps blog: More than 40,000 people around the world are making contributions and improving Google Maps through Google Map Maker each month. Now it’s your turn to help, whether marking …

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Google Runs Afoul of Indian Agency over Mapping Contest

Google, who is no stranger to international dustups over its maps and street view service, has run afoul of India’s federal mapping agency over a recent project to improve upon the country’s maps. Google first announced the Mapathon back in February, saying that they were trying to create better maps for India, “a country where even paper maps have historically …

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Google Launches Updated Maps For North Korea

Just a couple weeks after executive chairman Eric Schmidt returned from North Korea, Google has published more detailed maps of the country. “The goal of Google Maps is to provide people with the most comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-use modern map of the world,” said Google Map Maker senior product manager Jayanth Mysore. “As part of this mission, we’re constantly working …

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Google Map Maker Available for 8 More European Countries

Part of Google’s objective to make the perfect map of the Earth relies on the community of amateur map-makers around the world who are willing to take the time to create maps of their neck of the woods. As expansive as Google is, even it must welcome the contributions from these auxiliary cartographers and, really, having maps made from people …

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Google Map Maker Arrives for South Africa, Egypt

Google Maps unveiled many a fun product at yesterday’s “Next Dimension” conference that will be arriving for the company’s geo services. One new feature that Google Maps went into further detail today on its blog is the new availability of Google Map Maker to Egypt and South Africa. The service launched for the two countries yesterday along the promise of …

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Google Gives Local Users More Power in Map Editing

Google announced today that it has launched the Regional Expert Reviewer program fro Google Map Maker. If you’re unfamiliar with Google Map Maker, it’s an offering from the company, with which users can add their own knowledge areas to improve Google Maps. With the new program, mappers Google deems “distinguished” get increased reviewing capabilities within their state, country or region …

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Google Map Maker Opens in US

Google map maker is a community cartography service that allows users from all around the world to add and update locations from the more obscure corners, as well as those places simply untouched by the world of online cartography. According to Google, only 15% of the world’s population had detailed community maps before the debut of Map Maker. Now, after …

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Google Maps Embraces More User-Generated Content

Three months ago, Google took a big step by "graduating" data on 16 countries from Google Map Maker to Google Maps.  Now, comparatively speaking, the company’s performed a long jump by following suit with another 64 countries and territories.

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Google Transitions Map Maker Info To Mainstream

Google Maps just got a lot more accurate, and as PBS likes to say, "this . . . was made possible, in part, by . . . viewers like you."  Or to put it another way: maps of 16 countries have been transferred from Google Map Maker to Google Maps.

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Google Makes Map Maker More Accessible

Google announced today that Google Map Maker is now available in 27 languages with more to come. They can’t translate the interface itself into every language, so they have opened up Map Maker in "Google in Your Language" so users can translate it into their preferred language.

The current available languages include:

    * Bengali
    * Gujarati
    * Brazilian
    * Portugese

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Mapping Uncharted Territory with Google Map Maker

Google has announced the launch of Google Map Maker in 43 new countries and territories. You can find a complete list of 164 countries you can use Map Maker with here.

Google provided a short example video of how users have used Map Maker to transform a map of Islambad, Pakistan:

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