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Google India Talks Cloud For Businesses

Google India held a conference last week called, “Think Cloud 2012.” It saw 50 CIOs from some of India’s largest companies to learn about the benefits of moving their applications and business to the Cloud. While the conference was held in India and was targeting Indian businesses, the talk can be applied to any business. Google talked about the trends …

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Google India Closes Office Due To Swine Flu

The H1N1 flu virus has hit Google India, and although things aren’t as bad as they might have been, it’s having some rather significant effects: around 100 people have gone to a hospital for swine flu tests, and a Hyderabad office will remain closed for two full days.

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Google India Launches Sharing Through Noticeboards

Google India has introduced a Firefox extension in Google Labs called Google Noticeboard, which is designed to help people access and share info over the Internet via public digital noticeboards.

The application is aimed at communities with access to shared computers. They can use the noticeboards to exchange messages related to community announcements, social interactions, etc.

Messages on noticeboards are publicly accessible. They can consist of text, or can be voice-based.

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Google India Code Jam

The Google Blog writes about the Google India Code Jam, where 15,000 competed in the software coding contest.

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