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Google, Holocaust Museum Map ‘Crisis in Darfur’
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Google Earth and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum announced a joint effort to highlight conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan.

Google Earth Under Microscope
Trying to distance yourself from suggestions that you are too powerful, or becoming more like Microsoft, is hard to do when a U.S. House Subcommittee sends you a letter claiming you’re attempting to “airbrush history.”

Google Updates New Orleans Imagery

An interesting start to the week as Google’s John Hanke offers up an explanation on the recent outcry concerning the company’s decision to use pre-Katrina imagery in Google Maps. If you haven’t followed the story (we commented as did many others), users recently noticed (and freaked out about) that Google was serving pre-Katrina images.

Big Easy Ain’t Easy For Google Earth

Google has faced a hurricane of criticism for changing their Google maps images of post-Katrina New Orleans to pre-storm images. The reasons for the change are flimsy at best.

Chikai Ohazama, a Google product manager for satellite imagery told the AP that the maps now available are the best the company can offer. He said that a number of factors determine what goes into the databases, "everything from resolution to quality to when the actual imagery was acquired."

Google, BMW Get Drivers Where They Need To Go

BMW’s tagline used to be “Ultimate Driving Machine.” Then, in 2006, the auto manufacturer switched to “A Company of Ideas.” While that doesn’t have the same ring, it may at least allow a bit more room to explain BMW’s new arrangement with Google. In effect, German bimmer owners will be able to link their cars’ navigation systems to Google Maps.

Google Earth and KML: The Searchability of Everything

Some sympathy here for Tim O’Reilly’s comment on this post about Google Earth and the new capabilities being unleashed for developers. "People should be jumping up and down about this!"

I’m guessing the people who usually jump up and down don’t understand it, and the people who will be working with it aren’t given to jumping up and down.

India Unhappy With Google Earth

The popular Google Earth application has drawn scrutiny in India due to the striking accuracy of the satellite footage provided to its users. At the country’s request, Google will blur the locations of key government offices, implementing other camouflaging strategies as well.

Insurgents Use Google Earth To Target British

During a raid on Iraqi insurgents, British Army intelligence made a chilling discovery. Insurgents were using Google Earth to locate soft targets at British bases in Basra.

PA Gets Special Treatment From Google Earth

Google has a lot of fans, and has made friends with any number of businesses. Now the company has befriended the state of Pennsylvania. The “Google Earth geospatial image browser” is set to launch “on the official tourism website of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, VisitPA.com.”

Google Buys Swiss Mapping Company

Google continues its pattern of omnigooglization in Europe by acquiring the Internet, mapping and data processing units of Switzerland-based Endoxon, for an undisclosed sum.

Hammer Dropped On Google Earth Viewer

Users of the Gaia project’s open source utility for viewing the data normally available to Google Earth clients have been asked to stop using it in the wake of a cease and desist request from Google.

Polygons on Google Maps and Google Earth

Google Earth was recently updated with the ability to draw polygons in the free version, and Andreas Bovens points out that this feature is now available for Google Maps as well…like for this sample overlaid with a KML/ KMZ file.

Google Earth: An Indian Farmer’s Best Friend

A number of farmers in India were going to have their land taken away. They would have been compensated, but now, thanks to Google Earth, they may get to keep the land, or at least receive more money for it.

Google Earth Adds Cool Stuff With Boring Title

Need a guided tour about what’s going on the world? Google announced the addition of Featured Content, a collection of multimedia overlays in Google Earth. The Featured Content offering informs users about the environment, culture, history, wildlife and attractions world locations.

British Airways to Offer Google Earth Vacation Views

In attempt to lure more people to book their next flight with British Airways, the airline has added Google Earth imagery to their web site, reports Forbes.

Google Earth Imagery for Relocation of Ramses II

Tracking Ramses using GE.. Archaeology enthusiasts, Egyptian history buffs, or simply anyone interested in great feats of engineering can witness Ramses’ 24-hour journey from Cairo in Google Earth with the click of a mouse.

Chinese Base Spotted On Google Earth

The latest Google Earth user report stirring up conspiracy theory and head scratching is the image of a Chinese military site that is a scale replica of the ancient country’s border with India, mountains and all.

Jane Goodall Institute Google Earth Geoblog

How about another buzzword.. this time it comes from the Jane Goodall Institute who are using aweblog that uses Google’s Earth’s spinning globe as its backdrop.

Track the Tour de France With Google Earth

Now that “the cup” is done with… talk about a lame finish… sports enthusiasts might want to track the tour de france using google earth with some very cool 3d fly-throughs.

Google Earth Rides Tour De France

The Google Earth application allows bicycling fans to follow the latest version of the legendary race from their computers, a much easier task than biking up the Pyrenees.

Google Geo Developer Day, Where 2.0
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What a day I knew it was going to be full of news and cool stuff when Eric Schmidt (CEO), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (co-founders) walked onto the stage at the Googleplex – they note that geospatial is a defining opportunity in search!

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