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Google Hides Flight Simulator In Earth
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Google hid an Easter egg so well it wasn’t found until nearly Labor Day, in South Africa, where I’m not even sure if they have Labor Day. Doesn’t matter, it’s not really an Easter egg, either, it’s a flight simulator tucked inside of the most recent release of Google Earth.

Google Earth Reaches For The Sky

Google has launched a new feature for users of Google Earth called Sky, which allows people to view the sky as seen from Earth.

Google Earth Gains Live Traffic Info
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We’re still waiting to see this feature spread to more cities, but in the meantime, it’s spread to another program.  Now users of Google Earth can see the same real time traffic info that was once available only in Google Maps.

Google Earth Won’t Get Virtual London

I’ve seen it: an amazing 3D model of London that was meant to wind up in Google Earth.  Only now, due to what I’ll politely call “bureaucratic nonsense,” it won’t.

Abbreviated Guide To Google Earth Sightseeing

If you ever wondered what the Earth looks like to extraterrestrials, whom we know are passive observers in the vein of Jane Goodall, Google Earth has provided us this insight.

Google Acquires ImageAmerica

Google has made yet another acquisition, and this one involves a company called ImageAmerica.  The move should, in effect, help Google Maps and Earth progress from “hey, I can see my house” to “hey, my roof is missing a shingle.”

Google Earth Gets NASA Layer

Google Earth has just released a new layer, and within it, there are three different parts.  Each comes courtesy of NASA, and they’re called Astronaut Photography of Earth, Satellite Imagery, and Earth City Lights.

Google Picks Winners In Campus-Building Contest

Google likes young people, and young people like Google; the company reports that its “Build Your Campus in 3D Competition” received around 4,000 entries.  Seven winning teams have now been selected.

Scientist Locates Chinese Sub On Google Earth
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Nothing like an arms race to bring back those Cold War memories, when the Red Dawn seemed eminent even if we had the Iron Eagle, rock music blaring through his Walkman, to protect us. Nowadays it’s Google Earth, not Hollywood and Reagan, scaring everybody to death.

Google Earth Outreach To Aid Nonprofits

Google has launched Google Earth Outreach, a program focused on helping nonprofit organizations promote and illustrate the work they do.

Google Earth Gains More Detailed Images

Google Earth recently incorporated some images of the seabed around Britain, and the few people who heard about this tended to shrug in response.  The introduction of Street View, on the other hand, may have generated a little too much excitement.  The latest Google Earth release – detailed images of western America – may hit a happy medium.

Google Maps Takes On Public Transit Info
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If you ride some form of public transportation – be it subways, trains, or buses – you may know about Google Transit, which helps users “[c]reate your own transit trip, complete with itineraries and maps.”  That service worked just fine (within a few areas), but the search engine company now plans to incorporate much more information into Google Maps and Google Earth.

Google Maps To Add AdSense

Let’s see . . .  Google Maps tells me to take a left, and then hang a right at an ad reading, “Click Here Now to Save $$$.”  Wait, that can’t be right . . .   And it won’t be, but Google has revealed that it will incorporate AdSense into its mapping services.

JFK Terrorists Used Google Earth To Plan Plot

The good news is that the would-be terrorists targeting JFK airport weren’t all that bright. The bad news is that they’re smart enough to get their mapping information from Google Earth.

Google Earth Explores The Ocean Deep

Privacy issues with Google’s new Street View may be grabbing headlines, but Google Earth has gone for some truly wet and wild stuff: a hydrographic survey of the seabed surrounding Great Britain.

Google Earth Gets Audio Layer

Google Earth has always been about visuals – interesting sights, but pretty much no sounds.  That recently changed with the introduction of a new layer from Wild Sanctuary.  The layer features “the sounds of nature” recorded at all sorts of places and times of day and night.

Angelina’s Googley Tattoo

We’ve always known that Angelina Jolie was little crazy – a pack of nuts that comes complete with blood-vials, ritual cutting, Frenching your brother. None of us have ever really cared, not to the point we would mercilessly deride her – she’s way too stinkin’ hot.

Google Earth Scares The Spooks

The director of a U.S. intelligence agency has cautioned that the government may have to censor satellite images that could be a potential security threat to the country and its armed forces.

The warning came from Vice Admiral Robert Murret, director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, which provides security information using satellite imagery.

In an interview with the AP he said," If there was a situation where any imagery products were being used by adversaries to kill Americans, I think we should act."

Google Giveaways Now Include Villages
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People care a lot about national borders – there’s a great scene from the “Blackadder” series, for example, in which one soldier tries to convince another of the value of the seventeen square feet of land they’ve gained.  But if seventeen square feet is a cause for celebration, Argentina must now be throwing a heck of a party – Google tried to give it a whole village.

Google Earth To Showcase Beautiful Buildings

Architecture is one of those subjects that appeals, on some level, to just about everybody; from your basic suburban house to St. Basil’s Cathedral, it’s just too entwined in our lives to go unnoticed.  Now architecture is being noticed by Google Earth – The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has helped design two new 3D layers for the software.

Google Earth Adds Hiking Trails, GPS Data
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The sun is setting, you’re surrounded by trees, and you just heard a noise that sounded like Jabba the Hut’s rancor monster.  Never fear – Google and Trimble will get you home.  Thanks to a new GPS content layer, they’ll also get you “a wide variety of multimedia data on fitness and outdoor adventures, including routes, points of interest, pictures, video and audio.”