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Google Launches New Version of SketchUp

Google has announced the release of SketchUp 7. SketchUp is software you can use to build 3D models for any number of project types, including Google Earth projects. In version 7, Google has added a whole slew of new features.

Google Earth Models Getting Better
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Google Earth is doing some amazing things as highlighted with their announcement the other day of the Ancient Rome layer (shown in the video below).

Exploring the History of the Future with Google Earth
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Google has teamed up with Past Perfect Productions, UCLA, and the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia to bring Ancient Rome back to life with a new Google Earth layer.

Google Earth For iPhone Introduced
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Don’t be surprised if a lot of iPhone users start to demonstrate a surprisingly good grasp of geography.  Google Earth for iPhone (and iPod touch) has been introduced, making it easier than ever for them to explore cities and research spaces.

Google Finds Most Cows Point North

The Los Angeles Times reports German researchers, through the help of Google Earth, have discovered that 2 out of 3 cows point North.

cow compass

Google’s Great Big GeoEye in the Sky
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If the watchful eye of Google has been creeping you out with Street View, you’re going to love this. Their satellite imagery is about to get a big boost in resolution courtesy of GeoEye.

Google Releases Olympic Satellite Imagery
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Starting one week from now, all eyes will be on Beijing.  Yet if you can’t wait for coverage to become inescapable – or want a different view than the ones most reporters can provide – Google Maps and Google Earth have been updated with fresh pictures of China.

Google Earth Software Engineer Quits
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Google’s well-known specialties are search and advertising, and perhaps another couple products (YouTube, Blogger) also get more attention.  Google Earth is still one of the company’s main attractions, though, and now a software engineer who’s been attached to the project for five and a half years is quitting.

Google Presents Seven Cities In 3D

Here’s a bit of news that belongs in some strange borderland between cutting-edge technology and the plot of a "Corner Gas" episode: seven local governments have worked with Google to publish 3D models of their cities.

Webcams.travel Layer Launches In Google Earth

If panoramic images are important to you, stick with Street View.  If timeliness and overall geographic coverage take precedence, the new Webcams.travel layer in Google Earth is definitely worth a look.

Google Earth Gets Google News Layer

Google Earth has always been educational, letting people learn about the landscapes of places and countries they’ve never seen in person.  Thanks to the addition of a Google News layer, Google Earth will now also let its users keep up with current events.

Google Earth Upsets Iran

We no longer have to worry only about what President Bush will say to provoke the nuclear-arms seeking Iranian government. Google’s thrown its hat into the ring too!

Google: Naming Water Is Complicated

Territorial claims and historical precedent makes applying a name to a body of water in Google Earth a challenging deluge.

Google Offers Overviews Of Olympic Torch Relay
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To some people, the Summer Olympics are little more than a nuisance – their television viewing schedules get messed up, don’tcha know.  But those who really enjoy the Games may be glad for the chance to watch the 2008 Olympic Torch Relay in Google Maps and Google Earth.

Google News, Earth Evaluated After Earthquake
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In emergencies’ aftermaths, various Google services have become go-to resources.  Following an earthquake in the UK, Google Earth and Google News seem to be getting mixed reviews.

Interesting New Google Earth Sky Feature
After the launch of Google Earth’s sky feature in August last year, see: Get Ready To Explore Space With Google Earth! made us experience the space in a totally new way.

Weather Channel on Google Maps/Earth

I’m a google gadget freak… I admit it. My iGoogle homepage is so jam packed with cool stuff, so much so its getting hard to locate the gadgets I need!

This week another very cool Map driven mapplet and gadget were made available from the Weather Channel – now weather on demand is even more accessible to me.

Google Earth May Solve Murder

Police in Melbourne, Australia are scrutinizing satellite images to see if a murder suspect was caught on film dumping a woman’s body in the front yard of a house.

Google Earth Update Hits Odds And Ends

Updates to Google Earth are always fascinating, but sometimes, that’s all they are; there aren’t any obvious practical benefits.  The latest update should be pretty useful, though, as Google has added roads and business listings in a number of countries, and also updated its Transit symbols.

YouTube Now On Google Earth
· 1

Google Earth has added a new feature that allows YouTube videos to be embedded at geographical locations. Users can now view videos of famous tourist attractions or other places they may want to visit.

Google Earth Could Go After Second Life
· 3

Google Earth is getting increasingly realistic, but it still lacks elements related to human movement and interaction.  Google may soon address this issue, however, as there’s word that Google Earth could become the basis for a Second Life competitor.

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