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Google Adds Place Pages to Google Earth

Google has started including Place Pages in Google Earth. Place Pages are the pages that Google sets up for places and businesses that have been accessible via Google Maps for a little while. They incorporate photos, videos, reviews and other content about that particular business or place, into one spot.

Google Earth Users Get a Way to Build Architecture
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Update 2: Google has announced the addition of more cities:

• Stockholm, Sweden
• Nuremberg, Germany
• Hiroshima, Japan
• Saitama, Japan
• Miami Beach, FL USA
• Orlando, FL USA

Google Ignoring Its Own Policy on Desktop AdSense?
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It has been discovered that Google is now showing AdSense ads inside Google Earth. While it is not that surprising to see Google putting ads on another one of its properties, it has raised a few eyebrows, given that Google Earth is a desktop application.

Google Earth 5.1 Released
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Most people place a premium on speed.  Fast cars, fast computers, and even fast food joints are often regarded as better than slower-moving alternatives.  Google Earth users may be glad to hear, then, that Google Earth 5.1 has been released and speed is its most marketable quality.

Google Earth For iPhone 2.0 Arrives
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iPhone users with an interest in geography have a reason to cheer today: a certain search giant has released version 2.0 of Google Earth for iPhone, and the software has been improved in just about every way.

A Year of Google’s Big Eye in the Sky
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A little over a year ago, the GeoEye-1 was launched. This is a satellite from the company Geo-Eye, which entered a deal with Google to provide it with imagery for Google Maps and Google Earth.

Google Maps, Google Earth Match Up With Scientists, Webcams

It seems that, before long, Google Maps and Google Earth will be just about everywhere you look.  In the past two days, the programs have made inroads with both scientists and civilians, respectively. 

Google Starts Including User-Generated Maps in Search Results
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Google has now made it easier to find maps created by others using My Maps. They are starting to show links to completed user-generated maps when they deem it relevant to a query.

Google Earth Looks At CO2 Emissions

It’s probably fair to say that the average person doesn’t know a lot about CO2 emissions; news stories don’t go much beyond "humans are responsible for them."  If you want to learn, then, a certain green-minded search giant has made some information available through Google Earth.

Google Introduces Imagery Partner Program
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Map Content PartnersGoogle has introduced an imagery partner program where people can submit imagery for Google Earth if they feel they have a better version of a shot that Google currently has.

Google Earth 5.0 Goes All Out With Proper Ocean
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Sylvia Earle, a leading oceanographer, once jokingly suggested to Google Earth and Maps Director John Hanke that the former product should be called "Google Dirt."  She asked, "What about the 3/4 of the planet that is blue?"  Her concerns have been addressed today with the release of Google Earth 5.0.

Google Earth Helps With Pot Bust
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The latest discovery made via Google Earth was made by Swiss police, who spotted a two-acre marijuana crop in the middle of a cornfield.

Swiss cops discovered the crop in the rural area of Thurgau while trying to locate the addresses of some farmers suspected to be involved in a drug ring. In addition to 16 arrests, authorities seized 1.2 tons of hash and marijuana along with cash and valuables worth about $780,000.

Google Earth Gets 3D Model Of Vancouver
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Remember how, in the months, weeks, and finally days before the 2008 Summer Olympics, companies were churning out all sorts of interesting little products that no one had time to use?  Google is starting to gear up for the 2010 Winter Olympics much sooner with a 3D model of Vancouver.

Google Ocean May Be Ready At Last
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For fans of certain science fiction television shows, space has long been the final frontier.  But for a particular search giant, Google Sky covered that, and it’s instead the task of representing the ocean that has been something of a challenge.  Google may soon address the issue with the help of some fairly important people. 

Flying the Hudson River Flight Through Google Earth
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The successful emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River captured the imaginations of many people. Twitterers couldn’t stop talking about it. The pilot became a hero and gained tons of LinkedIn popularity.

Google Earth Gets A Better View Of D.C.
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Some people have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars to be in D.C. during the presidential inauguration.  For those folks who are interested but couldn’t find the money (or just didn’t feel like camping on someone’s lawn), Google Earth has at least unveiled some new imagery of the area.

Surf the Earth with Google and Your Wii
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Showing an example of how developers can do some really cool stuff with the Google Earth API, Google Earth iPhone Engineer David Phillip Oster has created a program that allows people to "surf" any region on the Earth’s surface using the balance board for the Nintendo Wii.

Oster used the Google Earth Browser plug-in and a javascript API, and the board transmits the person’s movements to the application using Bluetooth. See it in action:

Google Earth Enterprise Wherever You Want it

Google is now offering a portable version of Google Earth Enterprise. Users can now access Google Earth Enterprise, without having the means previously necessary to do so.

Google Earth Gains Ski Resort Snowfall Layer
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The very cold weather has become a top story across America.  In Europe, there are plenty of sub-freezing spots, too.  And in the event you’re not the type to respond by just grabbing an extra blanket or two, Google wants to help you find something to do.

Panoramio’s Google Earth Layer Grows

If the weather outside is frightful, Google’s going to make sure there are at least pretty pictures to be found on everyone’s computer screens.  An update to Panoramio’s Google Earth layer has introduced around 500,000 fresh pictures.

Google Maps Used To Mark Pirate Attacks
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Google’s been known to track all sorts of stuff, including search trends, wildfires, and the flu.  Now Google Maps and Google Earth are being used to record the locations of what might qualify as an even more interesting thing: pirate attacks.