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Google Docs Adds Spreadsheet Protection Feature
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Google has launched a feature for spreadsheets in Google Docs called Sheet Protection. Basically, this will allow a user to let collaborators edit certain sheets of a spreadsheet while restricting them from others.

To use the feature, simply go to the sheet, and bring up the menu. You will find the option that says "Protect Sheet."

Gmail Gets Better Viewer for PowerPoint and TIFF Files
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A while back, Google introduced a viewer in Gmail for PDFs, and that has now been improved upon to support TIFF and PowerPoint documents. This means you can view PDFs, PPTs, and TIFFs in Gmail right from your browser without having to save them or have any additional software.

Marc Miller on the Gmail notes that Gmail has had a "view as slideshow" option for PowerPoint files for a while, but the conversion technology is now integrated into this viewer.

Create and Insert Drawings in Your Google Documents
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Google Docs has started including a new feature – the ability to insert drawings into documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. To use this feature, simply go to the Insert menu and click Drawing.

Google Docs List View Not Just for Mobile Anymore

Google Docs users may recall last month when Google improved the mobile version by adding list view for spreadsheets, which allows you to view, edit, sort, and filter them. Before that you could only view them.

Google has now made the same list view available for working on spreadsheets from desktop and notebook computers. It can be found in the View menu.

Google Docs Privacy Glitch Accidentally Shares Documents
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Google DocsOn Friday Google contacted some Google Docs users to alert them of a privacy issue. Less than 0.05% of user docs were accidentally shared with people with whom they were not supposed to be. 

Get to Google Docs, Calendar, and Gmail From Your Desktop
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You can now install desktop icons for Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Gmail on your computer for quick access. These icons are now an option of Google Pack.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Pack,it’s a free collection of software from Google and other companies. The software in the Google Pack helps you browse the web faster, remove spyware and viruses, organize your photos, and more. Learn more about each of the programs in the Google Pack.

Google Makes Mobile Spreadsheets More Accessible
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Today Google announced an improvement to the mobile version of Google Docs. That is list view for spreadsheets, which allows you to view, edit, sort, and filter your spreadsheets from your mobile device.

Previously, you could only view your spreadsheets on mobile devices. Now, they basically have full functionality.

Google Aims to Ease Cloud User Experience
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Google has redone the Google Docs Help Forum. It has added a few features to improve the ease with which users can obtain info, and increase the overall user experience. New features include:

Google Docs Offers New Holiday Templates
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Google Docs has received a lot of attention lately, most of which was focused on its miniscule market share.  Google would like to address that issue, and as the holiday season approaches, it’s doing so by unveiling some new templates.

Google Docs Offers Form Templates
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If you use Google Docs, you might be pleased to know that Google is now offering templates for forms. And to start off they’ve got 13 different ones to choose from.

If you are not familiar with templates in Google Docs, to utilize them, you go to New and select from template from the pull-down menu.

Matt Cutts Defends Google Docs
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Google Docs has been the subject of some not-great press over the past week or so; a ClickStream study, in particular, suggested that the productivity offering has been ignored by a lot of people.  But Matt Cutts has stepped forward with some new statistics, and it seems that the market share of Google Docs may not be quite so slim, after all.

Google Docs Petition Calls for White House Garden
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Have you ever been involved with a petition using Google Docs? If so Google wants to know about it. Right now, they’re highlighting one in particular that is calling for the next President (which we now know will be Barack Obama) to plant an organic farm on the grounds of the White House.

The petition comes from Daniel Bowman Simon and Casey Gustowarow who ride around the country in a double-decker bus made out of two school buses that have been fused together. On top of the bus is a garden.

Google Helps Kids Get Messages to Next President
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Google (specifically Google Docs) has teamed up with the National Writing Project to sponsor a program that lets students around the U.S. write letters to the presidential candidates in a program appropriately titled: Letters to the Next President: Writing Our Future.

Google Upgrades Apps APIs
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Yesterday Google guaranteed 99.9% reliability for Google Apps like Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Talk. This stemmed from a similar guarantee the company made for Gmail.

Google Stands Behind the Cloud

Today Google is touting the reliability of Gmail, and comparing the service to several "on-premises" solutions in terms of downtime and lost productivity. In a post on the Official Google Blog, Google Enterprise Product Director Matthew Glotzbach writes:

Google Adds Gadgets to Gmail
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Google is continuing on its roll of cranking out new features for Gmail. This time, it is a few projects from Gmail Labs that let you add gadgets to Gmail. So far, you can add the Google Calendar and Docs gadgets.

Google Docs Launches New Features
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The Google Docs crew made their first stop on its "Apps to School" tour, on which they stop at colleges across the U.S. and hang out with students, show off how they can use Google Docs for their class assignments, and see how studnets are already using it.  They hung with some students at the University of Southern California. They also announced some new features that should help students do just that.

Google Provides Help For the Help-Seekers
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Isn’t it always fun stumbling across some new feature to enhance your overall Google Experience?

Download Google Help FilesJust the little things that can add so much convenience to your daily web use like the definition or movies web search features.

Google Docs Asks What You’re Doing This Weekend

For whatever reason(s), Google Docs hasn’t really caught on in offices.  So, in what appears to be a Plan B, the company is attempting to show how the application can be useful in people’s off-the-clock lives.

Hitwise Puts Google Docs In Decent Position

Google Docs is growing stronger – so much so that I at first thought Hitwise’s assessment was another April Fool’s joke.  But visits to the Google Docs site have indeed more than doubled in the last year.

Google Docs Toolbar Touched Up

If you’re a creature of habit, sorry.  But if you’re either someone who appreciates efficiency or a complete newcomer to Google Docs, you may be happy to hear that application has had its menus redesigned.