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Bing Desktop Brings Bing Search and Images to Your Desktop Bing Desktop Brings Bing Search and Images to Your Desktop
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The same day that Google is releasing its new cloud storage service, complete with a search function, Bing is releasing its new Bing Desktop. The Bing Team at the Bing Community blog announced that the new service will put the …

Google Lets Mac Users Quickly Search Outside the Browser
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Earlier in the year, Google gave developers a preview of a new open-source quick search box for Mac outside of the browser. The company has now made this available to everyone.

Use Google Reader from Your Desktop
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This week, Google launched a Google Reader gadget for Google Desktop. The gadget allows users to track their feeds and Google Readers subscriptions directly from their desktop.

To use the gadget, you (of course) have to have Google Desktop installed. Then to use it just:

Google Launches Calendar Gadget for Google Desktop
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Last month Google released a Gmail gadget for Google Desktop after "countless" requests for one over the years. Today they have released a Google Calendar gadget for Google Desktop.

Google Desktop Arrives For The Mac

Earlier this week, Google announced the long-awaited release of its desktop client for Mac owners. Google Desktop users will be able to index content from their hard drive in order to find information about their documents, music, e-mails and pictures, as well as content from the web, quickly and easily.

Google Desktop on Mac

After getting my new Mac yesterday, I am pleased to see that Google has just started supporting these beautiful machines. I’m a fan of Google Desktop, having used it on my last two machines and I enjoyed it quite a bit. However, I am disappointed to see that the Mac version will have no widgets or the toolbar yet. Being an organized sort, I rarely had the need to use the Google search on my desktop. My primary joy with the package was the widgets.

Google Desktop Receives A Makeover

Even though Windows Vista hasn’t been received with quite the fanfare Microsoft would have liked, the fact remains that the integrated desktop search functionality represents a potential snag in Google’s master plan for continued dominance within the industry.

Google Desktop Breaks The Internet?

No one wants to have to say, “My Internet broke.” When this phrase is uttered, the source of the problem (assuming it’s not the user) becomes the object of much ill will and quite a few uncouth words. Now Google, the former “do no evil” company, is hinting that uninstalling one of its products may “break” your Internet.

Google Shares Reader, Globalizes Desktop

A pair of Google’s products recently received tweaks to make them more useful to their users, with the ability to share lists from Google Reader, and enterprise and new language options for Google Desktop.

Google Desktop Leaves Beta

The latest version of Google Desktop Search (the one with the evil “your data on Google’s servers” feature, paranoid ass) has left beta.

How To Reindex Google Desktop?

This one kind of surprises me. Turns out there’s one glaring omission in Google Desktop: It doesn’t notice when you move a file.

Google Desktop Vs. Corporate IT

Silicon.com takes a look at some corporate IT departments that are worried about employees installing the latest version of Google Desktop Search on their systems.