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2.1 Million Chromebooks Shipped Last Year

The PC market is still in decline and shipments of traditional desktop and notebook PCs took a nosedive during 2013. PC manufacturers are introducing new features such as ultra HD displays and touchscreens in an effort to compete with the rapidly-rising tablet market, Though the ability of these features to turn around the PC market is in doubt, not all …

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Google to Show Off Chrome OS This Week

Update: According to TechCrunch, Google will be holding a special Chrome OS event on Thursday morning, where they will show off demos and give an overview of the product, now said to be launching next year.

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Steve Ballmer Skeptical Of Chrome OS

At the moment, Microsoft has a market cap of $205.7 billion, and the corporation has its Windows operating system to thank for much of that money.  It may be noteworthy, then, that CEO Steve Ballmer claims to be rather baffled by the concept of Google Chrome OS.

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Intel Apparently A Google Chrome OS Partner, Too

Yesterday, we reported that nine companies had partnered with Google to help develop Google Chrome OS.  This article may be a little short on names by comparison, but it seems important to note that Intel, the chipmaker with a market cap of about $90 billion, is also on the team. 

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Google Shares More Chrome OS Details

The initial announcement about Google Chrome OS was, while exciting, extremely lacking in details.  Now, Google’s decided to share a bit more info, and the facts paint an interesting picture about the state of the operating system’s development. 

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Will Google Chrome OS Challenge Windows?

Google has announced that it is working on an operating system based on Google Chrome (their browser). The company says the project is an attempt to "re-think what operating systems should be."

The OS-in-progress is simply called Google Chrome OS,  it is open source, and it will initially be aimed at netbooks. The announcement came on the same day that Google dropped the "beta" tag from Google Apps.

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