Baidu’s Stock Soars Following Google China News

Baidu’s Stock Soars Following Google China News

By Doug Caverly January 13, 2010 | 3 Comments

Reactions to Google’s announcement about a possible withdrawal from China have been mixed so far; there have been objections from individuals who think its absence will deprive the Chinese people of information, while others approve of what they consider a moral stand.  But Baidu’s investors probably aren’t too conflicted, as the company’s stock imitated a bottle rocket today.

Google, Baidu Swap Market Share In China

The second quarter of this year didn’t go so well for Google in China.  According to a new report, the American search giant’s market share shrunk a bit, while that of its Chinese equivalent, Baidu, managed to get larger.

iResearchiResearch found that over three-fourths of all searches in China (specifically, 75.7 percent) were performed using Baidu in the second quarter of 2009.  This represents a gain of 1.6 percent compared to the first quarter.

Analyst Says Google China Still In Trouble

So much for the time, money, and compromises on censorship Google’s committed in the region thus far.  Plus its new music venture.  An analyst said this morning that Google’s Chinese arm won’t do so well, anyway. 

China’s Search Market Grew In Fourth Quarter

The past year wasn’t a bad one for the Chinese search market.  A new report from Analysys International points to impressive growth in overall revenues, and the top two players both managed to increase their presence and popularity.

Google, Yahoo Tied To Baidu’s Unlicensed Doctor Scandal

Not long ago, China’s top search engine was caught selling high search rankings to unlicensed doctors.  The uproar that resulted hurt its reputation, caused earnings estimates to get lowered, and culminated in a personal apology from the CEO.  Now, the Chinese arms of Google and Yahoo have been accused of doing something similar.

Report: Google China Will Unveil MP3 Search Function
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As long as Baidu’s Chinese and Google’s American, it seems like that first company will have an advantage in a certain part of the world.  There’s a sign that Google China is trying to catch up, however, by offering something to compete with Baidu’s much-loved MP3 search.

Google China Making Progress

CEOCIO China Magazine, a Chinese business magazine, recently reported on Google’s effort to obtain a stronger position in the China market.

Google AdSense May Get “Allowed Sites” Option
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Taken together, “Google” and “China” occasionally relate to censorship.  If Baidu enters the conversation, “losing” might also come up.  But in this case, it appears that a positive development occurred: Google China has introduced an “allow certain sites” feature for AdSense.

Google China VP Poised To Jump Ship

Only last week, the president of Yahoo China resigned. Now Johnny Chou, the vice president of Google China, is making a similar move. Chou has arranged to leave the company on December 31st.

What Not To Search For In China

It is widely known that Google’s Chinese search service is censored by the requirements of the Chinese government, blocking out results for phrases like “democracy” and “Tiananmen.” After an informal investigation of search results on Google.cn, a blogger has compiled a list of other blocked results, which reveals some curious terms.

Google Leaves China, Returns As Gu Ge”

As Google expands its reach into China, the search engine whose name was powerful enough to become a verb in the English language has officially changed its name Gu Ge (pronounced goo guh), based on Chinese characters.