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Getting More Conversions While Branding for Google Checkout

Back in October, when Google offered some tips for the then-upcoming holiday season, they suggested using Google Checkout badges in your AdWords ads. They said that ads that do this have a 10% higher clickthrough rate than those that don’t.

Tips for Using Google to Get Holiday Clicks & Conversions
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We’re quickly approaching the end of October. For businesses, that can only mean one thing. The holiday season is nigh! For online businesses, this means that it’s time to kick-start the tactics you should have been using all year. The clock has already begun to tick for getting people to your site and for you to cash in on online shopping for the holidays.

Amazon Introduces Two New Payment Services
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Amazon.com has introduced two new online payment services that other retailers can use on their Web sites.

The new payment services, Checkout By Amazon and Amazon Simple Pay offer businesses another payment option besides PayPal and Google Checkout.

Are You a Commodity for Google?
Many SEO Book readers have seen Google Trends before, but did you know that Google Checkout also has a trends feature?

Google Announces Trends for Google Checkout

As we come up to the last days of fee-free merchant services from Google Checkout, the Official Google Checkout Blog announced yesterday that they now have Google Checkout Trends. Patterned after Google Trends, GCT shows relative revenues from Google Checkout merchants.

Online Retailers Offering More Payment Options

Three out of 10 major online retailers offered new payment methods as an additional option to credit cards in December 2007, according to a study from Brulant.

Google Loose with Editorially Approved Links

In an earlier post I chastised Google for giving straight links to partners, However now I’ve found a whole bunch more…

Google Not Following its Own Paid Link Rules

One of the more entertaining aspects of the entire paid links debate is Google is pretty quick to dole out the punishment, even though in many cases they haven’t taken the time to get their own house in order.

Google Checkout Extends Free Processing

Google Checkout, Google’s online payment system, is extending its free processing until February 1, 2008.

The promotion was going to end on December 31, 2007. If you’re a Google Adwords customer for every dollar you spend on AdWords, you can process $10 of sales with Google Checkout for free. After that you’ll be charged 2.0% plus $0.20 per transaction no matter what credit card is used. There are no monthly, setup, or gateway fees.

Big Holiday Deals from PayPal & Google Checkout

Google’s Checkout and eBay’s PayPal unit are showing off their big holiday offers, designed to get you to use their services when making your holiday purchases online.

Google Checks Out Frequent Flyer Promo

Google continues its seasonally aggressive Checkout campaign, again offering discounts and special promotions in advance of Cyber Monday.

Google Steps on eBay’s Toes
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Google has set up a system to provide content recommendations and random site navigation based on information contained within a user’s search history and preferences, which would seem to be a step onto StumbleUpon’s turf. If the eBay purchase of StubmleUpon goes through, we could have a classic confrontation.

Google Offering Checkout Referral Bonuses

AdSense advertisers have even more incentive to use Google Checkout for payment processing. Each time a new buyer signs up for a Checkout account and makes a new purchase, the referring party will receive a monetary bonus.

No Answer to Google Checkout from PayPal

The NYT takes a look at Google efforts to take market share away from eBay’s PayPal. The two are in a battle for the right to process credit card payments of companies looking for an alternative to merchant accounts.

Google Checkout: A Gateway Service?

Earlier this year, Google extended an offer to merchants to take advantage of Google Checkout services for free until the end of the year, a gesture that rival PayPal matched in kind. Tuesday, the company officially extended the offer of free services until December 31, 2007.

Google Checks Out PayPal’s Market Lead

Google’s young online payment service, Checkout, is one of the few Google products to live up to the hype in some time. As of Cyber Monday 2006, Checkout halved PayPal’s market share lead.

Seasonal Changes At Google Checkout

Google Checkout has, as expected, instituted a few changes in response to the holiday shopping season. Look for a smattering of new merchants – including PETCO – and for the opportunity to save $10 (in more than one way).

Google To Check Out On Cyber Monday

Now that we’re over last year’s holiday marketing trickeryCyber Monday my big toe!it’s time to accept what the marketing gods have lain before us, and make the most of it. Google is leading the charge this year, aggressively pushing its new Google Checkout product with Cyber Monday special promotions.

Tips on Accepting Website Payments

Accepting electronic payments is essential to an ebusiness. The UK is Europe’s largest ecommerce economy with 27.7 million UK having shopped online- and it is growing fast.

Glitches Surface In Google Checkout

It appears that the good people of Google may have a bit more fine-tuning to do on one of their newer products. Users have reported experiencing a few glitches as they tried to take advantage of Google Checkout. Long delays are also trying the patience of some.

eBay Bans Google Checkouts

The latest big hubbub not involving blond newsreaders is that eBay has added Google Checkout to its list of payment services not allowed in its marketplace.

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