Google Adds Data Download Feature To Gmail, Calendar

Google Adds Data Download Feature To Gmail, Calendar

By Chris Crum December 5, 2013

Google announced on Thursday that you can now export a copy of your Gmail and Google Calendar data making it easier to back up data or move to another service. Users can download all mail and calendars or choose subsets …

Google Calendar Android App Suggests Locations Google Calendar Android App Suggests Locations

Google has launched an update to the Google Calendar app for Android. New features include: the ability to call and go to a map directly from notifications, location suggestion on even creation and quick event creation from month view. The …

Google Calendar Android App Hits Google Play Google Calendar Android App Hits Google Play
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Google has added the Google Calendar Android app to Google Play. In the past, it has only been available for select devices like the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus. The app comes with the ability to snooze events directly from …

Google Adds Your Google Drive Files To SERPs Google Adds Your Google Drive Files To SERPs

In August, Google launched a feature that surfaces your email messages from Gmail on web search results pages when relevant. It has only been available in an opt-in field trial so far, but it seems likely that this will become …

Google Now Lets You Schedule Hangouts from Calendar Google Now Lets You Schedule Hangouts from Calendar

Google continues to push Google+ Hangouts capabilities to many of their products, and the latest integration is with Google Calendar. Now, you can add a Hangout to any event on your calendar and access it with a single click. From …

Add Your Foursquare Check-ins to Google Calendar Add Your Foursquare Check-ins to Google Calendar

If you’re a world traveler, or simply someone who tends to have a few too many drinks while out on the town, it’s hard to remember all the places you’ve been. If you want an easy, hands-free way to log …

Google+ Events Make Great Use Of Calendar Google+ Events Make Great Use Of Calendar

I have a theory as to why Google waited until today to launch Google+ Events when they could have launched it ages ago to better compete with Facebook. They wanted to get all of their other services and software in …

Google Continues to Improve Accessibility Google Continues to Improve Accessibility
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Earlier this week, we looked at some improvements Google made to its Hangouts feature in Google+, specifically in terms of accessibility and sign language. They improved video quality and made it so it’s easier to see signing. Google has also …

Google Makes Scheduling Improvements to Google Calendar

Google is rolling out some changes to the event page in Google Calendar. The goal is to make scheduling events easier, while making the style more consistent with other Google apps.

The information that is most commonly used is displayed at the top of the screen, the layout is simplified, and they’ve added some other features.

Google Calendar Finally Gets Tasks Features
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A while back, Google launched a Tasks lab for Gmail. Now they have added a new tasks feature for Google Calendar after many requests for one.

There is now a "tasks" link in the upper right-hand corner of the Google Calendar page. Once you click on it, a box will come up on the opposite side of the screen, where you can add tasks in list form. They come with checkboxes so you can check them off as you accomplish them, and a form to enter a due date. The task will then appear on your calendar on the day it is due.

The Google Contacts Without the Gmail
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Google has recently launched a standalone contacts manager, which lets you manage your contacts outside of Gmail. This would be particularly useful for those who don’t use Gmail, but use other Google products that offer sharing capabilities.

If you use Google Docs, Picasa, or Google Calendar for example, you can now update people’s contact information without having to use Gmail. This was not an option before.

Get to Google Docs, Calendar, and Gmail From Your Desktop
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You can now install desktop icons for Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Gmail on your computer for quick access. These icons are now an option of Google Pack.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Pack,it’s a free collection of software from Google and other companies. The software in the Google Pack helps you browse the web faster, remove spyware and viruses, organize your photos, and more. Learn more about each of the programs in the Google Pack.

Google Calendar Grants Offline Access
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It looks like Google Calendar is taking another run at its paper and ink predecessors.  Don’t expect to see people celebrating in the streets, but certain Google Calendar users can now access their schedules while offline.

Google Launches Calendar Gadget for Google Desktop
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Last month Google released a Gmail gadget for Google Desktop after "countless" requests for one over the years. Today they have released a Google Calendar gadget for Google Desktop.

Google Stands Behind the Cloud

Today Google is touting the reliability of Gmail, and comparing the service to several "on-premises" solutions in terms of downtime and lost productivity. In a post on the Official Google Blog, Google Enterprise Product Director Matthew Glotzbach writes:

Google Adds Gadgets to Gmail
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Google is continuing on its roll of cranking out new features for Gmail. This time, it is a few projects from Gmail Labs that let you add gadgets to Gmail. So far, you can add the Google Calendar and Docs gadgets.

Offline Support Coming For Gmail, Google Calendar

In the days of dialup, accessing the Internet was a nuisance.  Now, not so much.  Still, users of Gmail and Google Calendar should be pleased to hear that the programs may support offline use in about six weeks’ time.