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Google Books Gets First Non-US eBook Partner

Interread, the British company that owns CoolerBooks.com, has announced a partnership with Google in which it will include over a million public domain books from Google Books in its online library. This makes CoolerBooks the first ebookstore outside the US to partner with Google Books.

Google Book Downloads Compatible on More Devices
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Google is now offering downloads of public domain books in Google Books in the EPUB format, which is an open and free industry standard for electronic books. This format is supported by a wide variety of different applications, so it should be easy for many people to access literature this way.

Users can download the public domain books by simply clicking the "download" button in the Google Books Toolbar, which provides a drop-down menu to choose the file format.

Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon Look to Throw the Book at Google
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Microsoft, Yahoo, and Amazon have reportedly banded together under the organization of the Internet Archive and antitrust lawyer Gary Reback, to try and put a stop to Google’s settlement with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers over Google Book Search.

Google Close To Deal With National Library Of France
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Google Books may get much, much bigger in the very near future.  Although the Bibliotheque Nationale de France (BNF, or the National Library of France) criticized the project in the past, reports indicate that it should soon seal a deal, open its doors, and become an ally, instead.

Google Wants Authors to Submit Creative Commons Books
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Google is now offering a way for authors and publishers to offer content for free under the Creative Commons license on Google Books. Rightsholders who want to distribute their books can let users download, use, and share them.

10 Days In Google Books Game Begins

Free stuff has a way of piquing people’s interest, and Google intends to capitalize on this fact with a new competition that is starting today.  10 Days in Google Books may drive use of the search giant’s literature-related service by putting Sony Readers on the line.

Google Answers Privacy Questions Over Google Books

Google signed a settlement agreement with authors and publishers last year over Google Books. Google says that if it is approved by the court, it will unlock access to millions of books for anyone in the United States.

Today, Google has addressed privacy concerns that users and potential users have voiced with regards to Google Books.

7 New Ways to Enjoy Books on Google
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Google introduced seven new features to Google Books today. The features add ways to share and browse the content users find in Google’s collection. They include:

Google Horror Stories
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Need a scary story before you tuck your trick-or-treaters in bed that will make them convulse with fright until they lay unconscious in a nightmarish hell until morning? Google can help.

Google Adds Library, Expands Edu Offerings

Google took another step toward the company’s stated goal of indexing the world’s information by adding the entire collection of public domain historical resources from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin Historical Society Library to its Google Books Library Project.

LibreDigital Answers Google Books

Google’s dustup with publishers around the globe last year over its plan to digitize every book in its path, sans permission, gave someone an idea. What if we do that with their permission? LibreDigital general manager Craig Miller says his company’s digitization service isn’t in direct response to Google, but a “natural extension” of what they were already doing.