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Google Book Search Grows Some More

It once was the case that, if Google Book Search hadn’t yet made a book available in digital form, you were out of luck – that was the end of this particular resource’s line.  But Google is now helping its users find those books out in the real world, and it’s also supplying more reviews and references (and books in French and Swiss) than ever before.

VTO – German Google Book Search Competitor

On Tuesday, Mathias Schindler reported how easy it was to access the site of German Google Book Search competitor in progress, VTO (full text search online).

Google Book Search, Google Maps Team Up

It’s an all-too-common problem: you’re reading War and Peace when the name “Vyzama” stops you dead in your tracks; you simply can’t continue with the novel until you know where this Russian town is located. Google Book Search and Google Maps are now teaming up to render such problems obsolete.

Google Book Search: The Path To Dystopia?

Brewster Kahle isn’t happy with Google Book Search. As director and co-founder of the Internet Archive, he isn’t the least bit timid in his criticisms, either. “Google is trying to set themselves up as the only place to get to these materials; the only library; the only access,” Kahle reportedly said. “The idea of having only one company control the library of human knowledge is a nightmare.”

Google Releases New Book Search Features

Google has released a major update to its Book Search in an effort to provide a more organic reading experience to the user as well as scholarly resources for readers wishing to delve deeper into the academic community’s take on a particular book.

Google Book Scans Boosting Sales

The search advertising company has contended its practice of scanning books and presenting snippets of text would help drive interest and sales of books people might not find normally, and it is starting to look like Google was correct.

Google Subpoenas Others On Book Search
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Yahoo, Microsoft, and Amazon.com will have to tell Google about their book scanning activities, including titles of works they have scanned, as Google works to fend off litigation from publishers and authors over the Google Book Search program.

Google Reads Up On Book Downloads
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Visitors to Google Book Search will have the opportunity to download and print classic titles from the service. Sometime today, Google Book Search should open its virtual doors to literary fans and allow them to download PDF copies of certain titles, and to print them.

Google Adds UC To Books Project

Google Book Search announced the addition the University of California library to the Google Books Library Project. One of the world’s largest libraries, UC’s is made up of 100 libraries on 10 campuses and is considered to have the largest research and academic library in the world.

Google Searches Bard, Finds Yorick’s Skull

Google launched a new function in conjunction with its Book Search, one that celebrates, not relegates, a bard without besmirch. Shakespeare, in high school you were never easy, as we emulated with poems that to the ear and eye were cheesy. Like this one.

Sell Your Book Via Google

Danny has details of a new initiative from Google that will allow publishers (and authors) to sell online versions of their books through Google Book Search.