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Google Blog Search Goes Away (Kind Of)

Google Blog Search is no more – at least as a standalone offering from the search engine. Search Engine Land points out that if you go to its previous home – – it simply redirects you to the Google home page. You can still search through blogs specifically with Google’s search tool from Google News. For example, if you …

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Google Blog Search Gets New Features and a Gadget

Google has launched several new features for Google Blog Search today. These are: RSS AND Atom feeds, an iGoogle gadget, a "hot queries" features, and a "latest posts" feature.

RSS and Atom Feeds

Google says the addition of the feeds has been its most requested feature for Blog Search. Users can subscribe to specific topics or stories. There is a "subscribe" heading in the left-hand column on the site, and underneath that are links for Atom and RSS.

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Google Blog Search Given Tune-up

Google Blog Search has – in theory, at least – gotten better.  A slight overhaul was performed yesterday, with changes in both the engine’s algorithm and the site’s appearance being implemented. 

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Google Updates Blog Search Algorithm

Google has updated its Blog Search algorithm after postponing the update earlier in the month. Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable quotes Googler Jeremy Hylton who explains:

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Google Blog Search Indexing Content Differently

Google Blog Search has undergone some changes in how it indexes content. Before, it indexed content from RSS feeds, but now it is going for full content from pages.

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Google Blog Search Gains Focus On Browsing

The name of Google Blog Search has always been both self-explanatory and complete; the product, which was made by Google, helped users search the blogosphere.  But now Google Blog Search has a new homepage that encourages casual browsing, as well.

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