Google Ditches the Google Base Search Page

Google Ditches the Google Base Search Page

By Chris Crum November 19, 2009 | 7 Comments

Update: Google has officially retired the Google Base search page. The company announces:

Google Base Help Forum Rolls Out Welcome Mat

The Google Base Help Forum – or at least a person who runs it – doesn’t want you to forget that the resource is there.  A "new" layout that’s more than two months old is getting a little spotlight time.

Five Ways To Boost Google Product Search Sales

Google has been pretty good about providing holidays tips lately. They’ve discussed ways of getting found in Google Product Search easier, and they have continued with this theme in a new blog post on the Official Google Base Blog.

Google Makes it Easier To Get Found in Product Search

Last week, we looked at ways you can use Google to boost your clicks and conversions for the holiday season. One tip we discussed was submitting your products by data feed to Google Product Search.

Google Base Changes Vertical Search Results
Google Base has a bunch of search verticals, mini search engines built on data uploaded to Base, and they’ve changed the results format of those search engines. The old:

Merchants Reject New Google Base Attributes

A couple of weeks ago, the Google Base team announced a change: it claimed that it was

The October Hunt For Google Base
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Froogle’s replacement, Google Base, has been missing in action from the Google search results, but some sleuthing may have turned up the elusive service.

Google Base Scrubs Its Face

The homepage for Google Base received a mild makeover in order to improve its usability, particularly by bulk uploaders who can enhance its value by placing a lot of items in Base in one go.

Google Base Releases GData API

Google released its Google Base data API, GData for short, that allows developers to write dynamic and interactive applications for Google Base. This opens up the possibility of Google Base mash-ups that combine content with other services.

Google Base Adds Traffic Stats

The Google Base team added a few new features to its “My items” dashboard, allowing merchants to monitor search engine results pages (SERPs) impression, click-throughs, and page views.

Google Base Gets Document Uploading

Google Base now lets you attach documents to your items.

AdWords For Google Base Listings

Google is encouraging users to promote products and services listed on Google Base through its AdWords program.

Google Base Finally Gets Automat

The Google Base blog announces that you can now advertise your Google Base items in Google AdWords, finally releasing the “Automat” system we saw in a patent filing last November.

Should eBay Be Afraid of Google Base?

I know Google’s integration of Google Base, with its regular search results, hit most people’s news reader last week, but the company had been quietly integrating Google Base for a couple of weeks now.

Google Base Seen in General Search Results

Results drawn from Google Base have started to appear in search results drawn for certain keywords.

Pebble Power!

Yesterday, three important things arrived. The first was my first free issue of Wired, with Will Wright as guest editor.

Rusty Can Sell Items In Google Base

Barry has been accepted into Google Base and given the ability to sell items through Google Purchases.