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Samsung Galaxy S III to Get Premium Suite Upgrade

If the popularity of Google’s Nexus devices is any indication, Android users really are looking for a pure Android experience. An experience without all the (mostly useless or niche-case) “features” added by manufacturers and carriers to make their phones unique. Still, Samsung has been focusing heavily on software for its Android devices. Toaday, Samsung released the first preview of what …

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Grooveshark is Back For Android Devices

Grooveshark, the streaming music platform, has finally had its app reinstated for Android platforms. The app, which is now available in the Google Play store, allows users to stream genre radio stations, make custom radio stations similar to Pandora, and play on-demand music. The on-demand music streaming is a feature that only subscribers who pay $9 a month can use. …

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Google Cloud Messaging for Android Saves Battery Life and Kills C2DM

Between Google’s big announcements of the Nexus 7, Nexus Q, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and Sergey Brin’s crazy skydiving spectacle, its not improbable that you may have missed the news about Google’s new Cloud Messaging service for Android. Google Cloud Messaging for Android (GCM) is, according to the description on the Android developer website, “a service that helps developers send …

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Complete Your Portal 2-Themed Android Phone With a Wheatley Live Wallpaper

Were you one of the lucky few in the U.S. who were actually able to get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy S III yesterday? Can’t get enough Portal? Why not create an entire Portal theme for your spiffy new Android phone? You can start with a new Live Wallpaper that puts Portal 2‘s Wheatley right in your smartphone’s background. …

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Google I/O Event Schedule Shows Heavy Chrome & Android Focus

Developers for Google platforms treat Google’s yearly I/O conference like a rock concert. The tickets for this year’s event sold out in 20 minutes. At the conference, developers are treated to the best advice Google has to offer about programming and designing for Google’s many platforms, as well as major announcements about future Google products. Google has even been known …

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Google to Expand Its Android Nexus Lineup

Until now, Google has chosen one manufacturer to collaborate with and create a spec phone for new versions of Android. In 2010, HTC and Google created the first of these smartphones, the Nexus One. For the next two years Samsung was the chosen manufacturer, creating the Nexus S and the new Galaxy Nexus. These phones were often then only devices …

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Google Music Now Preventing Device De-authorization

Most Google Music users will never know it, but there is a limit to the number of devices that can be authorized and associated with a single Google Music account. Specifically, only 10 different ROMs may be authorized. This limit was never a problem for ordinary users. For edge cases, such as tech journalists who review many phones, a simple, …

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Google Phone Gets Release Date

Google AndroidIt’s October 20th according to CrunchGear, who received the info from a "little birdy" who also confirmed that the phone’s official announcement would go down on September 23rd. It looks like Jason Miller’s daughter is going to get here first.

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Nokia Buys Mobile Platform ‘Symbian’

Yesterday’s news that Nokia acquired location based social network Plazes, was worthy only of making our Pilgrim’s Picks.

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Windows 7 Gets Multi-Touch Capabilities

OK, so tonight Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer showed off a tiny piece of Windows 7: that multi-touch capabilities will be built into the OS. Tons of info on this over on TechMeme.

Of course, viewers here last week had a lengthy discussion and demo with the guy who invented these features inside Microsoft Research.

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Google Android Wants Developers but…

So, I’m watching the Android video and talking with my friends who are developers. Man, I thought my videos were boring, this one takes the cake.

Steve Jobs does NOT have to worry about losing his job to the folks from Google.

I didn’t see ONE feature that will get normal people to switch from the iPhone. This comes across like something developers developed for other developers without thought of how they were going to build a movement.

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