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Google Introduces Analytics Easy Dashboard Library

Google Analytics is a really useful tool, especially for site administrators. The only potential problem is that you might not know a lot about code to really take advantage of the Analytics API. To fix this, Google has joined forces with a team of University of California Irvine students to create a new Analytics tool that simplifies the process down …

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Google Adds Heavily Requested Features to Analytics API

Google has released some new features for the Google Analytics API, including event tracking, navigational data, and increased filter length. The company says these features were prioritized based on feedback from users, with event tracking being the most requested feature.

Event tracking allows users to measure the number of user interactions with a site. You can track things like the total number of times a white paper is downloaded, the length of time it takes to load a video, the number of validation errors users get when filling out a form, etc.

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