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New Google Publisher Toolbar Allows You to Block Ads

At the beginning of the year, Google introduced the AdSense Publisher Toolbar to help us monitor account performance. Recently, they changed the name to the Google Publisher Toolbar. On top of now being able to support DoubleClick for Publishers, they have added a new feature which allows us to block ads while we view our site. If you see an …

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Google Makes Some Refinements to AdSense Reporting

Google has made some well-needed upgrades to their AdSense reporting feature that a lot of users have been asking for for awhile. Number one, they have brought back the “all time” button for your reports. If you have used the previous version of AdSense, you’ll remember this feature which will bring up all earnings, impressions, and clicks accrued since your …

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Google Introduces Affiliate Ads for Blogger

Google has introduced a new way for bloggers to monetize their content, by launching Affiliate Ads for Blogger. Bloggers who seek to monetize will first need a Google AdSense account. After posting a new blog, a new ‘Advertise Products’ tab will pop up in the ‘post settings’ panel. Users who blog about a product made by an affiliate advertiser will …

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