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Google Kills 3 Ad Tools, But Adds Functionality To Display Planner Google Kills 3 Ad Tools, But Adds Functionality To Display Planner
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Google announced on Friday that it is integrating its Contextual Targeting Tool, Placement Tool and Google Ad Planner into the new Google Display Planner, its research and planning tool launched back in April. With that, the three tools will be …

Google Ad Planner Gets Several New Enhancements
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Google has released several new features for Google Ad Planner. Google says these are aimed at providing a more granular view of where your audience can be found. Features include subdomain data, ad placements, and reach and relevance at a glance.

When Google says reach and relevance at a glance, it is referring to a new interactive graph feature, which lets advertisers see which sites in their plan provide the best reach and relevance.

New Google Tool Benefits Both AdWords and AdSense Users
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Google has launched the Google Ad Planner Publisher Center. This is a new feature of the Google Ad Planner that is designed to improve the quality and accuracy of site data.

Google Improves Traffic Estimation with Ad Planner
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Google’s Inside AdWords Crew is talking about a new model for traffic estimation using Google Ad Planner. They say it will help reduce confusion around tracking the number of unique visors to your site.

So what does this entail exactly?
According to the Inside AdWords blog, they:

Google Launches New Ad Planner

I wonder how many people in the interactive advertising industry are feeling suckered by Google this morning.

For the past few years, Google has continually downplayed its threat to ad agencies and marketing technology companies. “We’re not a threat, we just want to help,” tends to be the main theme.