Google Stock Hits All-Time High, Surpassing $1K

Google Stock Hits All-Time High, Surpassing $1K

By Chris Crum October 18, 2013

Google released its quarterly earnings on Thursday, beating Wall Street expectations. Revenues were up 12% year-over-year, hitting nearly $15 billion. GAAP EPS were $8.75 on 339 million diluted shares outstanding, compared to $6.53 in the same quarter last year. Non-GAAP …

Google, Yahoo Celebrate Wins for Xmas

Hat tip SEL: The Google-DoubleClick merger has been approved by the FTC.

Why MSFT Needed Facebook & GOOG Didn’t

So, after weeks of speculation, Microsoft won the battle over Facebook, with Google second, and Yahoo embarrassingly nowhere to be seen.

GOOG or CALL for Free 411

Both Google and Microsoft have now introduced their voice-based local search facility for your phone.

Google Earnings As Expected, Revenue Up 57%

Google shares have been up and down in after-hours trading, but largely have hovered around the closing price of $639.62 soon after Google released its earnings report for the third quarter of 2007. Google beat analyst expectations by a slim margin.

GOOG Closes Another New Record

For the third straight day since hitting an historic $600 per share mark, Google stock rose again, this time closing at $625.39.

Google Stock Crested $600 Per Share

The GOOG spent a brief time over the $600 mark, putting it in some pretty good company for a few minutes.

Bear Stearns Bullish, Says GOOG To $700

So shares of Google are tickling the underbelly of $600. Big deal. Wait ’til next year, when trading puts a seven in front of those double-zeroes.

Google Drops Upon 2Q Earnings Report
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Google shares are dropping in after hours trading after the company announced its second quarter earnings report, missing estimates by 3 cents per share.

Googlers Break Away, Build Ooyala
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There are probably no more than 500 words on the entire site, but the first sentence of ooyala’s “About Us” section sure gets one point across: “The company was started by former Google engineers and product managers.”  That was originally written in bold, by the way.

Google May Employ Simply Hired
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This week has seen one eBusiness rumor after another come to light, and the latest nugget indicates that Google may be interested in buying Simply Hired.  If an acquisition occurs, this job search engine would fill in an obvious blank in Google’s arsenal.

Google By Numbers; Profits Flatten Out

Revenue and profits rose for Google in their first quarter, earning net income of $1 billion on $3.66 billion in revenue.

Analysts Expect Blowout GOOG Earnings

In advance of the earnings call, any bets on how high GOOG can go today on Wall Street? Analysts have high hopes, so to speak, as tipsters come rolling in with unbelievable numbers for Q4 2006.

GOOG Target Raised To $630

Nobody really wants to come out looking too Pollyanna on Wall Street, even if the numbers are there. An $800 per share Google is whispered, or tossed out at the pub and reeled back in by the words “just kidding.”

Searching for Trust

Blake Ross of Mozilla chides Google for giving preferential placement to their own apps as “Tips” in search results.

GOOG Tops $500

Google stock closed above $500 for the first time ever, a new record that puts it at a market capitalization of $150 billion.

GOOG Shares Set All Time High

Google stock hit an all-time high at 1:30 p.m. today, the second day after Google reported that it nearly doubled revenue over a year ago. Just after lunch, GOOG went as high as $483.13. Analysts predict this is just the beginning.