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Goodwill: Grenade Found In Collection Box

Someone took the gift of giving to bizarre heights in Winston-Salem, NC this past week. They nearly gave a bunch of Goodwill employees a heart attack in the process. According to Winston-Salem Police, this past Thursday they responded to a call from the local Goodwill where an employee said they discovered a grenade in a collection box. They arrived at …

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Charitable Donations: Get Deductions at No Cost

The gifts have been bought and the festivities are upon us. Don’t worry If you’re a bit tapped out but still wish to join folks making their last charitable donations of 2013; there’s always a way. Here are two ways to make a charitable donation without using actual money: Habitant for Humanity is a favorite non-profit organization among volunteers who …

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Lady & The Tramp Movie Poster Found at Goodwill Worth $53,900

Imagine you’re browsing through Goodwill, looking for some deals, then dropping $4.99 on a movie poster. Then discovering that your purchase is worth $53,900 in mint condition. For Tom Glenn, of Forest Lake, Minnesota, this story was an actual reality. He was browsing through his local Goodwill when he noticed an old-school styled Lady & The Tramp movie poster. At …

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Prehistoric Artifact: Native American Pottery Donated to Goodwill

Prehistoric artifact or interesting knick-knack? An anonymous donor dropped off a piece of pottery to Goodwill that some believe is, in fact, an artifact from a Native American tribe that once called Oklahoma their home. The pottery traveled through Goodwill’s internal distribution system — in one piece, no less — before showing up in New York. How do people know …

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Give Your Stuff Away on the New Startup Givmo

Like so many people, you are probably doing a little spring cleaning this time of year. And like so many, you are probably wondering what to do with all your old junk. That is where Givmo comes into play. Givmo is like Goodwill for the digital age. Just log onto their site, post pictures of the junk you want to …

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Goodwill Launches Job Training Campaign On eBay

The Goodwill said today it is launching a fundraising campaign on eBay to help people find and keep jobs.

In partnership with eBay Giving Works, eBay’s charity fundraising program, from February 7 to 13, Goodwill will be a featured nonprofit on eBay, offering people the opportunity to buy, sell or donate to support Goodwill’s job training programs. Dress for Success and the National Federation of the Blind will also be featured in February as part of the same campaign.


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