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Amazon Updates Kindle For iOS App

Amazon just launched an update to its Kindle for iOS app, introducing a bunch of new features, including a book browser for iPad, a new welcome experience, Goodreads integration, “Next in Series” info, book detail pages in the library, and Audible Progressive Play. With the browser feature, Kindle Unlimited subscribers can now browse over 700,000 books, and start reading them …

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Kindle Paperwhite Gets Goodreads, FreeTime Integration

In September of this year, Amazon announced a new Kindle Paperwhite that boasted a better display and easier-to-read text. Now the retailer is delivering an update that will make its latest flagship eReader even more desirable to readers and parents alike. Amazon announced today that the new Kindle Paperwhite will be receiving Goodreads and Kindle FreeTime integration via an OTA …

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Authors Guild Calls Amazon/Goodreads Deal a ‘Devastating Act of Vertical Integration’

On Thursday Amazon announced its acquisition of Goodreads, the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. At its core, Goodreads functioned as a social network for ardent readers. With this acquisition, Amazon has snatched up an independent network that has the ability to shape reader perceptions on hundreds of millions of books – and was, in essence, their largest …

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Amazon Acquires Book Recommendations Site and Social Network Goodreads

Amazon has just announced that they are acquiring Goodreads, “the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations.” Good reads launched in 2007 and since then has built up a user base of 16 million members, who have added 525 million books and 23 million reviews. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, and it is expected to be …

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