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Google Buys Ads Defending, Explaining New Privacy Policy

Sometimes you hear the military or sports metaphor “the best offense is a good defense.” That would seem like a fit strategy for most situations, like those involving military and sports, but it hasn’t been working out so well for Google since they announced their new Privacy Policy last week. No, it seems that they’re tired of playing defense and …

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Good To Know: Google Advertises Offline To Attract People Online

If it starts to look like the things you typically see online are starting to spill over into Real Life, you’re not imagining things. For one reason or another, Google has decided to launch an in-print and outdoor ad campaign to promote their Good to Know campaign, a mission to “help people stay safe on the Internet and manage the …

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Google “Good To Know” Campaign Launched To Raise Security Awareness

Google has launched what it calls its biggest-ever consumer education campaign, which is focused on security. It’s called “Good to Know”. The landing page is a resource site with various tips and advice about staying secure. “Our ad campaign offers privacy and security tips: Use 2-step verification! Remember to lock your computer when you step away! Make sure your connection to …

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