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Man Finds $98K in $150 Craigslist Desk, Returns It
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In man, I guess people aren’t all bad news, a New Haven, Connecticut Rabbi has returned a woman’s entire inheritance after he found it in a bag inside a desk he purchased on Craigslist. Rabbi Noah Muroff and his wife …

Homeless Man Returns $42,000 Found in Backpack
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In a day where stories on the tragic Navy Yard shooting in Washington, D.C. has been the bulk of the headlines, the story of one man who returned a large sum of money should make your day a little brighter. …

Taco Bell Accidentally Gives Customers Bag of Money

A carload of friends in Holland, Michingan drove through Taco Bell on Saturday night and ordered chicken burritos, two soft-shell tacos with no cheese, and some drinks. They paid for their food, took their bags, and drove off. But, in …

Anonymous Users Contribute Best Wikipedia Posts?

If you come across an anonymous user on Wikipedia, he or she may be a vandal.  But according to new data, there’s also a good chance that the person is one of the site’s most valuable contributors.