Gonzales Articles

Attorney General Shows Interest In Copyright Law

I have to wonder if Alberto Gonzales has been watching “Wag the Dog”; the attorney general lacks the power to start a military conflict, but he has put forth a proposal that attacks various forms of copyright infringement.  Some onlookers see this as little more than an attempt to divert attention from Gonzales’s own problems.

Gonzales V Google Delayed Two Weeks

Instead of the February 27th showdown between the Department of Justice and Google over federal subpoenas taking place, the sitting judge has moved the date back two weeks.

Gonzales V. Google Date Set

Judge James Ware of the US District Court in San Jose will hear arguments on February 27th from both sides over Google’s refusal to comply with federal subpoenas from August 2005.

Google Updates News, Gmail

The business of Google rolls along, subpoenas and the potential of trade secret exposure to the Feds notwithstanding; two sections and one button made their way into Google News and Gmail, respectively.

Gonzales Makes Indecent Proposal To Google

Though privacy has been cited as one reason for Google’s battle against a subpoena from Alberto Gonzales and the Justice Department, the other reason, preserving trade secrets, looks like the reason Google has dug in to resist the request.

Gonzales Nomination Would Squeeze the Middle

While President Bush sits at the G-8 summit in Scotland, mulling over the potential replacements for retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the friction in the Senate over presidential pet and rumor-mill favorite, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, is likely to spark some fiery contention-and strange allies.