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Selena Gomez Ignores Justin Bieber’s Instagram Share

It seems like Justin Bieber is having a hard time getting over Selena Gomez. Although the two have been broken up since November, and Bieber has bigger things to worry about, it seems like his recent troubles may have put things in perspective for him and he is beginning to realize that he lost a good girl. Bieber and Gomez …

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Selena Gomez Admits Stint In Rehab

Just when you thought Selena Gomez would keep her image squeaky clean, her rep admits that she has been to rehab. That’s right, the singer, actress and former Disney star signed herself into rehab for two weeks and somehow managed to keep it a secret until now. Gomez checked herself into Dawn At The Meadows, a facility that specializes in …

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Online Shoppers Have Little Patience For Slow Websites

Online shoppers experience more website slow downs and other problems completing transactions during popular shopping periods when traffic to retail websites peaks, according to a new survey by Equation Research conducted on behalf of web performance firm Gomez.

At stake is the $1,050 that each online shopper spends annually, according to the survey, with a significant amount of spending done during these peak times.

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