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Shipwreck: Gold Found Off South Carolina Coast?

Most of us love a good story about a found treasure; lately, those have mostly been about Goodwill patrons finding valuable paintings buried behind discarded motel-room art. But today there’s a story out of South Carolina that might be about actual treasure, and archaeologists believe they might have some gold on their hands. The wreckage of a 19th century steamer …

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Earthquakes Turn Water to Gold, Shows New Study

One of the major goals of alchemy was to create gold from other, less expensive materials. Now it appears that if alchemists of old could have harnessed the power of the Earth, they might have been successful. A new study has shown that earthquakes can play a role in turning water into gold. Sort of. The study, published in this …

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Who Has the Largest Gold Stash? [Infographic]

If you’re planning on doing any prospecting any time soon, you might want to invest in a plane ticket around the world. The land down under has the largest supply of gold reserves waiting to be mined over any country in the world. China is relatively low on the list of geological reserves, but they are making the most of …

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XBOX Live Gold Members Get New Premium Services

XBox Live Gold members will now have the ability to watch more on demand programming with the addition of three new services: xfinity TV, HBO go, and MLB.TV. Xfinity is an on-demand television service from Comcast, that brings your favorite TV and movies to the XBox. Kinect users can search using voice commands or controll the screen with a wave …

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$410,000 Thai Golden Cab Driver!

A Thai cab driver tracked down a forgetful customer who left over $400,000 worth of gold in his cab this past Tuesday. The 56-year-old cabby, Saksri Ketsrikaew apparently drove around for several days searching for the owner. Meanwhile, Eakerat Kanokwattana, the owner of the gold which was in the form of ornaments he intended to trade in a business deal, …

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