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Second Life: Marketing Fool’s Gold?
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Brands continue to launch operations in Second Life with the hopes of marketing their products and services to a completely new audience.

Skeptics, however, doubt that such a strategy has any long-term sustainability and is just another example of the bandwagon mentality.

While no one would disagree that staying ahead of the technology curve is a good thing, one has to constantly gauge factors such as feasibility and return on investment when deciding to jump headlong into a new venture.

StuntDubl’s Friday Favorites

I missed last week (My laptop started with the “laptop death rattle” – so it was a scramble to do data backups, find and migrate to a new machine). One of the worst parts of being a solo shop is being your own IT guy. Excuses aside – here’s twice the friday favorite goodness for this week.

Tech Leaders See Second Life Gold Mine

Fortune magazine senior editor David Kirkpatrick is just out with an article on the future of Second Life, noting:

AOL To Dig For Spam King’s Gold

AOL’s now in the mining business. Seeking to recoup losses from a notorious spammer, the company believes gold and platinum bars belonging to spam king Davis Wolfgang Hawke are buried in his parents’ Massachusetts yard. And they want that gold. Yarr.

Raising Awareness Through Social Media

Global relief agency Oxfam brings us an interesting case study on social media relations’ ability to raise awareness.

IABC Launches Conference Podcast and Blog

For the IABC 2006 international conference in Vancouver, Canada, in June, Shel and I are co-hosting and producing ConferenceCast, the official podcasts of the conference, as we announced in February.

Sydney Gold Coast Race via Google Earth
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This from our mates down-under…

OTRO to Podcast Media Relations 2006

Eric Schwartzman will produce a series of his “On the Record Online” podcasts from the Media Relations 2006 conference, April 9-11 in New York.

AOL Combines With Survivor Creator For ‘Gold Rush’

AOL is combining with Survivor creator Mark Burnett for “Gold Rush”, a reality game that will challenge players to use clues buried in AOL Network websites to find 13 caches of gold buried around the United States.

IABC Launches News Centre

It’s often a good idea to just click on things on a website as you might discover something new.

Infomosaic Releases SecureXML Java Applet for Mac

Infomosaic announced the release of the Mac OS X version of its SecureXML Digital Signature Java applet, which is compliant with W3C standards.

Mixed Messages From Microsoft’s Spam-King Settlement?

Microsoft with some help from the New York Attorney Gerneral’s office has won a $7 million settlement from Spam King Scott Richter.

Roy Disney Wearing Mouse Ears Again

The long running shareholder battle between Mr. Disney and the Walt Disney Company has been resolved.

Competition Tribunal Approves Harmony’s Bid for Gold Fields

Harmony Gold Mining’s hostile takeover bid for Gold Fields was approved by South Africa’s Competition Tribunal.

The Gold is in the Opt-in List

When I consult with small and home based business owners, more times than not one of the greatest concerns they have is how to increase reach to a targeted market while keeping costs down. Hands down, effectively using the power of the Internet is the cornerstone to achieving this outcome. More times than not, companies are not using their Internet presence as effectively as they can.

Gold Less Shiny, At 5 Week Low

The price of gold fell to its lowest level in five-week because of fears the Federal Reserve increase interest rates even quicker.

The Secret To Mining Online Gold Using The Hidden Profits In Digital Resale Products

The myth that you can’t make money online with resale digital information products will be EXPLODED right now.

WebTrends Partners with WordTracker for WebPosition Gold 3

Web analytics company WebTrends has launched WebPosition Gold 3.0, the first new release of the product in over two years. Version 3.0 integrates WordTracker and WebTrends to help manage all aspects of the search engine optimization process by using one product. “It brings together the leaders in search engine marketing and web analytics to be really the first player that can truly provide marketers with a full online story for their combined paid organic activity,” Coleen Carey, Director of Product Marketing, WebTrends, told WebProNews on Friday.

PDF Files – Your Undiscovered Gold Mine

It is a well established fact that search engines simply adore (relevant) textual content above anything else. However, in our experience many corporate web sites are at a loss when required to generate search engine optimized content, be it for cloaking, be it for more conventional techniques of optimization.

A Dynamite New Web-Based Reporting Service May be Just What You Need to Check Your Search Engine Rankings

We all agree that it’s important to check your search engine rankings periodically. After all, unless you monitor your rankings, you won’t know when pages have slipped in ranking or fallen from the index altogether.

How to turn your worst e-mail gaffes into gold

Mistakes. We all make them and no one wants to admit to them. We’re all faced with the question, how do we recover after we make the occasional slip-up? When it comes to e-mail marketing there’s a huge debate over whether to ‘fess up or to make like an ostrich and stick our heads in the sand. I’ll offer my solution in four words: Own up to it.