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GoFish’s New Ad Network Angling For Children

Young children and teenagers might not have jobs, but they inevitably have money.  GoFish intends to capitalize on this fact with a new ad network focused on online youth entertainment.

Bolt.com Drops Dead
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I suspect that Bolt.com has received more traffic in the last few hours than it did in the past week.  Unfortunately (for Bolt), people aren’t using the video-sharing site; they’re looking at its corpse.

GoFish Deal Gets Dynamited

We learned of GoFish’s desire to acquire Bolt Media about six months ago; a lot’s happened in the meantime, and the deal has now been called off.  Yet while both sides are being fairly quiet, it looks as if Bolt might have said another phrase to GoFish that begins with “go f—”.

GoFish Wants You To Seduce A Celeb
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GoFish, a video site devoted for "made-for-Internet" (MFI) programming debuted a new interactive reality show yesterday called Seduce A Celeb. It’s still unclear, though, when the celebrities will actually appear on the show.

GoFish Adds Extreme Sports Videos

GoFish, an online video company has announced the licensing of sports-related videos from Adrenalina and Movie Made Productions. The agreement will give the GoFish community access to a variety of extreme sports videos.

Currently GoFish has almost 9 million monthly unique users and the agreement with Adrenalina’s and Movie Made Productions will add hundreds of new shows to their network that will focus on sports and lifestyle programming.

GoFish Adds Two Partners

GoFish Corporation, an online video company has struck a licensing partnership with Undergroundfilm and Big Film Shorts to offer independent short films on the GoFish Network.

"Our goal is for GoFish to be the lightning rod for creative talent on the Internet," said Michael Downing, founder and CEO of GoFish. "Whether licensed content, user-created, or our unique made-for-Internet programming, we will continue to populate the GoFish Network with the Web’s highest-quality video content."

GoFish Nets Deal With Tribune

The Tribune Company’s online division, Tribune Interactive, plans to use GoFish technology for multimedia search on the Metromix websites.

Got Any Multimedia SERPs? GoFish

A new search engine from GoFish Technologies will retrieve web and multimedia content with one search.