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Godzilla Trailer: A Godzilla Remake Is Coming Soon-See The Trailer [Video]

The official trailer for the new Godzilla film has finally arrived. It is filled with excitement and promise as an exciting remake, but do audiences really need another remake of a film like Godzilla? The trailer was released earlier today after it was announced that it would be leaked online in anticipation of the new, big-budget film. The dangerous monster …

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Godzilla! Trailer Released Online Now

As promised earlier, the official trailer for the 2014 release of Godzilla was released less than an hour ago. The trailer itself is a wild ride and leaves you wanting more. Though only brief images of the monster itself is seen in this trailer, the mass destruction and sounds affects say it all, accompanied by dramatic shots of the film’s …

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Godzilla! Trailer Released Today Online

Godzilla! The trailer for the May 16, 2014 movie will be released online today, creating much anticipation and buzz within movie fanatics. The 1998 version of this movie didn’t live up to the hype and movie-goers have yet to see the King of All Monsters truly take over the big screen. But Gareth Edwards, director of the new Godzilla, hopes …

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