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Cassidy Gifford, Kathie Lee Gifford, and More Mourn Passing of Frank Gifford

Cassidy Gifford, her brother Cody, and their mom Kathie Lee are mourning the sudden passing of their father and husband Frank Gifford. Frank died on Sunday of natural causes at their Connecticut home. He was just a few days shy of celebrating his 85th birthday. Kathie Lee Gifford, together with Cody and Cassidy Gifford, issued a statement on Sunday about …

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Phil Robertson: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Defended by Son

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame was defended recently for his anti-gay and racist remarks by his son Willie Robertson and Willie’s wife Korie. The younger Robertson and his wife were interviewed by CNN recently. They both star in the new Christian film God’s Not Dead. Willie Robertson told the CNN host that he believes the GQ interviewer (Phil Robertson’s …

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Kevin Sorbo Plays Atheist Prof in “God’s Not Dead”

Most people know Kevin Sorbo as the title character from Hercules and the dashing captain of the starship Andromeda. He is a fixture at comic-cons across the nation for those roles. But, despite his still-bustling acting career, many fans are not aware of much of his recent work. That is, perhaps they were not, until Christian-themed film God’s Not Dead …

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