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Cute “Geep” Baby Awes And Bewilders

Adorable baby Butterfly is not a goat and she’s not a sheep. She’s actually a “geep”, and her rare parentage has led to quite a bit of attention for the youngster. Butterfly, named so because of the pattern of spots …

Kenya Court Sentences Goat Molester In The Presence Of Said Goat
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What’s worse than being sentenced to 10 years in prison? Some would say that a longer sentence would be the only thing that could possibly be worse, but one man found that it’s just as bad to be sentenced while …

‘Erotic Zoos’ Are Apparently A Thing In Germany Now
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What kind of image does the term “erotic zoo” bring to mind? Chances are you’re probably not thinking about bestiality brothels, but that’s exactly what’s happening in Germany now thanks to a legal loophole. The Daily Mail reports that Germany …

Goat Snarls Traffic, Holds Up Commuters In New Jersey

Goats aren’t typically known for holding up traffic, but one goat did just that this morning in New Jersey. The AP reports that a goat had escaped onto the Pulaski Skyway in New Jersey this morning. Five police officers were …

Humans Yelling Like Goats Yelling Like Humans. Yeah.

No, the internet couldn’t just leave it alone. Two minutes of goats yelling like humans wasn’t enough. Inserting a screaming goat into that one Taylor Swift song, and subsequently every other song under the sun also wasn’t enough. Now, we …

Ultimate Taylor Swift ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ Edition Is (Hopefully) the End of a Meme

It’s a strange a wonderful thing watching a meme work its way across the internet. It twists and turns and morphs in unpredictable ways. Sometimes, it even loops back around on itself, only to shoot off in another direction. From …

‘Goat Edition’ Mashups See a Revival, Could Possibly Supplant the Harlem Shake

Move over Harlem Shake, there’s a new YouTube fad brewing. It’s the “Goat Edition” mashup, and it’s taking the internet by storm. People have been making “Goat Editions” of popular songs and throwing them up on YouTube for a while. …

Two Minutes of Goats Yelling Like Humans
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Goat Man Spotted in Utah Mountains: Twitter Reacts
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Goat man — and, by this, I mean a man dressed from head to toe as a goat — was spotted by a hiker who was making his way through the Utah mountains. After stumbling upon a herd of goats, …

Google and Yahoo Both Use Goats for Lawn Mowing
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Google posted to the official company blog today that this spring, the company has begun using goats instead of lawn mowers to maintain the fields of their Mountain View headquarters. The idea is that this is a low-carbon approach.