What Tech Conference to Attend?

What Tech Conference to Attend?

By Robert Scoble July 30, 2007

Richard MacManus asks “which tech conferences should I attend?”

I almost answered giving my opinion. But there’s a FAR BETTER way for him to figure that out than ask me what I think. It’s called “Upcoming.org.”

What Conferences Should I Go To Next Year?

As of right now I have three big conferences on my 2006 calendar.

The RSS Orange Crush

Last week I met with Scott Gatz from Yahoo. He heads up personalization at Yahoo. Scott said something interesting: millions of My Yahoo users are subscribing to RSS feeds, but they don’t even realize it.

Explaining it simply: Microsoft and RSS

Nearly all the reporting I’ve seen in blogs and mainstream media during the past 24 hours about Microsoft’s support for RSS has tended to be rather techie in its focus, including my own post.

The press comes in on Gnomedex announcements

Google News is reporting 243 news articles about Microsoft’s RSS announcements on Friday, including the Associated Press, BBC, Reuters, and many newspapers around the world (a coworker reports reading about the announcements in an Indian newspaper over the weekend).

Microsoft really embraces RSS

Lots of buzz in the blogosphere and in mainstream media about the news today that Microsoft will be building support for RSS into Longhorn, the next release of the Windows operating system due in late 2006, and not only in the next version of Internet Explorer.

Blog Conferences

The 2nd Blog Business Summit has been announced – it’s just a few months away in August this year. I followed the last one closely online and would have loved to get to it partly for a number of the sessions which I really enjoyed but mainly because so many bloggers that I enjoy readers were there.

So Much Goodness At Gnomedex

Scoble lists all the goodness going on at Gnomedex in late June. Lets play “bold-faced names” with who’s there…

Yahoo Hits The Road This Summer

With the summer conference schedule in full swing, search engine representatives will most likely be showing up at a city near you.

Gnomedex Getting Close to Sold Out

Earlier this evening I had dinner with Chris Pirillo. He’s very excited about his conference, named Gnomedex and told me that tickets are almost sold out so if you wanna come, don’t wait too much longer to get a ticket.